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Lutheranism: The Best Religion Of Its Time

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Lutheranism: The Best Religion of its TimeLuther is one of the greatest reformers of all time. Western Europeans had little choice of religion at this time, since the Catholic Church was the dominant Christian religion. However, the Catholic Church had become corrupted, and Luther ended many of the Catholic corruptions. Many reforms in the Lutheran church were taken straight out of the Bible, which could not be corrupted by "sacred tradition" or word of mouth. Lutheranism also advocated equality and appealed to all classes.The Catholic Church was extremely corrupt during Luther's time. Many of the clerics and popes were degraded, and didn't even follow church practices. Many church leaders ...view middle of the document...

They took advice from him because he was a highly educated man and one of the most respected tutors in all of the Roman Empire. Augustine was exceptionally intelligent, but he was not very learned in the Bible or the Christian religion when he began making his decisions. In Luther's time, people saw no solid foundation for these rituals in the scriptures, so many people left the Catholic Church. Luther didn't sell indulgences in his church, and he took the Bible literally. No where in the Bible does it say that you can buy your way into heaven. The early Lutheran church wasn't corrupted by money or power. Most of its church leaders were pure and followed the Bible. The Lutheran church was not worldly or excessively decorative, which showed that the church should not be unnecessarily rich; many customs which were not scriptural were eradicated. Luther also ended the "good works" portion as a requirement for salvation since it was not mentioned in the Bible. How could one know how many good works one had to do in order to gain salvation? In addition, Luther's church did not excessively tax the people, or own vast land, which incited jealousy.The Lutheran Church appealed to all classes. Luther advocated equality in his church, and...

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