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On November 22, 1963, a renowned president was assassinated, John F. Kennedy. A president was needed to fill in John F. Kennedy’s spot and coincidentally it was his own Vice President, Lyndon Baines Johnson. An effective president is someone who shows equality, honesty and is passionate. The president should stay motivational throughout his/her presidency through his/her communication to the public. The president should lead with propriety and equality and focusing on the needs of the people. An effective president must direct the nation with perseverance, integrity, and must always be shining example to others.

Lyndon B. Johnson was born on August 27,1908 in Stonewall, TX. He attended ...view middle of the document...

The Civil Rights Act was one of the paramount legislations passed during Johnson’s presidency. Johnson fought for this bill to be passed, this ended segregation in public places such as restaurants and libraries. It also ended discriminatory practices in employment. The “Great Society”, a domestic program, was towards ending poverty and racial injustice. This helped to drop the poverty percent from 22.2% to 12.6%.

Integrity is the second quality a president should have. The president always needs to be honest in the they do and should be know as a “man with integrity”. Johnson was always fighting for equality among people, so no segregation. Again, the Civil Rights Act showed the moral perspective of President Lyndon B. Johnson. This means that when Johnson saw that his people needed something, he was open-minded and helped them out. Johnson also showed integrity through the Medicare and Medicaid of 1965. Which promised a wide range of medical services for Americans of all age no matter age, sex, or race. Also, during the Vietnam War the troops increased by 1,000’s, it went from 3,500 soldiers to 550,000 soldiers in about 3 years. Johnson also saw the medical needs of people and decided to do as much as he can by “being in their shoes”.

Leaving a mark behind for others to follow or being a shining example for others is a sign of successful leadership/presidency. The president must be able to induce his people and be hero for them. During Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, he was a veritable man. He understood the problems that were causing uproar...

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