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Lynn Peril's Study Of Pink Think

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Lynn Peril writes a fascinating study of pink color and its historical connection to ideas and beliefs of femininity. Peril translates and defines Pink Think as collection of specific ideas, beliefs, and approaches of how and when is feminine behavior considered as proper. Throughout her book, Peril is pointing out various fundamental approaches and attitudes that are considered to be crucial for women achievements and accomplishments. Peril's Pink Think also advocates how greatest concern of femininity is related to women physical appearance (fashion and beauty) and their marriage (motherhood and housekeeper). Furthermore, Peril is demonstrating an evolution of femininity, and constant and intense impact of its norms and rules on women lives.
Peril is interpreting the popularity of Pink Think since early 40's, all the way through 60's. She explains and simplifies it through various examples based on how women have to behave and look girly from an early age in order to create and secure an acceptable status and the position in the society. She is using various examples in order to classify and thus demonstrate what, how, when and where women can or cannot do. However, Peril is using sarcastic language in giving women these “uneasy lessons” on how to become a true lady, a good mother, and the better wife. She is firstly giving an example of pink color and its power over women. She explains how women were not born with love towards pink, but rather taught to love it since the day they were born. The moment pink color officially became girls color, it immediately became associated with true femininity and its basic features. It came up to be the symbol of true femininity, she pointed out, and it did not show up only in women closets, but in many different products such as toys, lunchboxes, napkins, etc. Pink and femininity became fundamentally connected since pink is beautiful, soft, flirty, passionate, and it was matching every feature of femininity. Pink color became the way we identify women, and it became norm and rule of femininity. In order to get the title of a lady, every girl had to learn and respect all norms of femininity.

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