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Lzr Essay

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Newton's Law Essay
Reducing hydro-resistance-
! The Swim Fin 

Jonathan Leung 10.3
10 April, 2014
Word Count:≈1334

Water is one thousand more dense and resistant than air. Traveling through water naturally
has a thousand times more force holding your body back than the air friction when roaming
on land. Human beings were born and designed to travel on land, not above surface, on air;
nor below surface, underwater. More than 90% of a person's energy is lost when traveling in
water through drag. Consequently, equipments are greatly needed to maximize their
streamline and minimize their surface area, as a larger surface area will create a greater
water-resistance and drag.
! Swimming is related to Newton's Third Law of Motion. There is always an equal and
opposite reaction. When we swim, we basically do two things, we first push the water
backwards making us go forward, then we push the water down to keep ourselves floating on
the surface. When combining it with Newton's third law, the water exerts an equal force on
you. Theoretically, you move how much you give, but with water resistance added to the
equation, it is dragging the swimmer backwards, thus dragging us behind. The ability of
swimmers to hyperextend their knees and ankles provides swimmers with more undulation
and a great propulsion through the water. (Matkovich, 2004) This is where the swim fin comes in
place. Swim fins are made out of flexible rubber, lightweight and small in size. It provides a
larger surface area for the flapping movement of the swimmer, so when the swimmer kicks,
more water would be pushed backwards, resulting in a faster forward movement. According
to a study done by Zamparo in 2002, he concluded with swimmers wearing swim fins would
need to exert a little bit more force, but it reduces the frequency up to 40%, meaning it gives
the swimmer the same speed when only 60% of his strength. (Zamparo, 2012)
! Human powered water crafts are designed to decrease lift, weight, drag, strength and
increase thrust and speed (Zamparo, 2002). An alternative to the fins is Speedo's high tech
swimsuit, the LZR racer suit, it was designed to be similar to the skin of a shark. Shark skin
The swimsuit covers the entire curves of the body, except for the hands and legs to reduce
drag. The LZR was developed to reduce two kinds of drags, skin friction and form drag, but
cannot eliminate the drags because there is always energy loss. LZR Pulse is made up of very
thin microfibers of nylon and spandex in a high-density weave. (Tang, 2008) It has claimed to
reduce drag by 80% by Speedo. This high tech swimsuit makes the swimmer more
hydrodynamic while underwater.

Even though the Speedo LZR racer suit is very high-tech, the swim fins are still more
advantageous than the suit as there are multiple factors. Speed. Speed wise, the LZR only
tightens your body making it more streamlined. Although it may seem fancy and high tech,
according to a study done by Tang in 2008,...

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