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Desmond collapsed down onto his bed in a fit of shivers, pulling the blanket over himself in a pathetic attempt at staying warm, despite the flush of his skin and the fever that burned like a wildfire throughout his body. He made a desperate plea for someone, anyone actually, that could get him a glass of water so he didn’t have to stand.
Three days - sick like this…
The thought of it made the shivers worse.


Reidd walked down the streets of Manhattan, he regretted coming here somewhat, merely because of the near brain aneurysm he had when his senses were overloaded WITH PRACTICALLY FREAKING EVERYTHING.

But he got through it rather quickly and learned to ignore.

He coped.

So anyways Reidd was walking when he neared some buildings, stopping with a front leg raised something had caught his attention, a scent. A peculiar scent. A VERY good scent, edged with something akin to misery and…weakness?

'Intriguing' thought the JavaWakii.

He began to head towards where the smell originated, the apartments. Raising his tail in anticipation it wagged a little.

'This scent, it's smells ancient yet young, like an antique of sorts, but why does it smell—' he stopped to sniff the air 'Sick?'

Oddly the Reidd felt like whatever was struck with illness had to be something sentient, and being a JavaWakii didn't help since one trait his species possessed was that they tended to get focused on whatever interested them, find it, and well…do whatever came to mind when they found the object of said interest.

His antlers hummed with the different sensations the scent gave him, speeding up his pace the JavaWakii began a light run as the odor became stronger, running past people who, of course didn’t see him, thanks to his mental cloaking.

The smell strengthened the closer he got to the residence, noticeably the amount of people thinned until there was just himself, once again Reidd stopped and sniffed the air

‘Hmm, this creature must be a human, but that scent isn’t…natural to say the least, must be a male judging from the musk, and—’

Giving himself a final wiff, he began running again.

‘He is apparently sick and not the normal “cold” that these creatures get.’

The JavaWakii had no clue as to why he had to meet this male but his instinctual curiosity and hunger drove him to do it. Finally Reidd reached the buildings, the chain around his neck jingling softly while glowing up a bit.

‘Odd’ he thought, and finding the stairs he barreled up them till he reached the top.

‘That smell, it’s…’ he sniffs

‘Right about…THERE!’ Snapping his head to the right he ran to the door at the end of the outside area…something the humans called a patio or balcony?

The scent was highly concentrated there, Reidd stopped at the door not exactly knowing what to do or how to get in,...

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