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M Core Solution Template Essay

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Problem/Opportunity Statement:- Everyone involved in the M-Core scenario displayed avoidances in their decision-making process. Time is of the essence for M-Core to build this facility in order to compete with their competition. Resolving issues in a timely manner is crucial so M-Core can begin building. In this very fast-paced and competitive industry, any slowdown in the company's research activities can cost it the significant market share and its role as an industry leader. This is particularly true as the industry shifts to the new paradigm of multi-core processors. M-Core has a vested interest in working quickly and the three residences are halting that interest. "Our interests and goals are sometimes hard to identify. Not only do outsiders usually misperceive our interests, we are often confused about them ourselves." (Wilmont & Hocker, 2001, Ch. 3, pg. 62)- M-Core's executive leadership should alter their negotiation strategies rapidly. Additionally the leaders of the organization need to look at the conflict resolution structure and communication mediums used in order to resolve the issues that M-Core is currently facing.- M-Core Incorporated needs to obtain property in a specific area of New Oxford to move forward with the company's plan to build a research and development center. The company has obtained all but three pieces of property needed. Three homeowners have refused to sell and stand in the way of M-Core meeting its business objective. Obtaining the property through eminent domain is a solution offered to M-Core by the city's mayor and if M-Core elects to move forward with condemning the property, the potential to generate public concern increases and can have a negative impact on the company and the mayor. M-Core's approach to negotiating with the homeowners is extremely important in making sure the company obtains the property timely and to minimize the potential of conflict related to others not directly involved in the property dispute. - In order to achieve its goal of providing its technical team with the state of the art facilities needed to foster and recruit the resources needed to develop the multi-core chip, M-Core will need to find a way to negotiate with the residents that is both favorable to the parties involved as well as it's reputation in the industry.Generic Benchmarking Topics:Overlapping Nature of TRIP Goals: Time is of the essence for M-Core to build this facility in order to compete with their competition, so an alternative dispute resolution is necessary in order to close the deal, but which one should they use. "All conflicts at some level hinge upon the fact that people perceive that there are incompatible goals held by at least two people who are interfering with what the other person wants." (Wilmont & Hocker, 2001, Ch. 3, pg. 82)Creative Problem Solving Negotiations: Everyone involved in the M-Core negotiations needs to communicate in order to find out who wants what and how much they are...

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