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Question One: (40%)Write an essay describing the entrance hall, stairs and landing in your home or that of a family member or friend. Describe it as accurately as you can, listing any interior design flaws you feel should be changed. Describe the style, colors and lighting. Now write about what changes you would make if you were the interior designer hired to do a consultation. Include some sketches or photographs if you feel they will illustrate your points. Include plenty of detail please.Question Two: (20%)Before writing the answer to this question, please begin to read the History section in the course material provided. Now tell me, in your own words, what you like about Renaissance Architecture. Give 3 examples of famous buildings / works of art or sculpture that were produced during this time. Please include images of your examples. This essay should be roughly 450 -750 words.Question Three: (20%)Do a sketch of an item of furniture that you like. It can be anything from a chair, to a dresser, window treatment etc. Include color if you think that it will enhance your drawing.Question Four: (20%)You should now have begun to assemble some photographs from interior design magazines or from the Internet to begin to identify your own style. Tell me how you are progressing with this task. Send a photograph with which you feel you identify and try to pinpoint what it is you relate to. For example, is it the color scheme or the general style?ANSWERSQN1.At Tanzania's most popular and commercial city of Dar es salaam, located at 6°48' south, 39°17' east. The city is situated on a natural harbor on the eastern coast of Africa, with sandy beaches in some areas. Administratively, the Dar es Salaam region is divided into three districts: Ilala, Kinondoni and Temeke. The compound of different frame work and architecture, where I live is in the Ilala District. Not so big, but spacious and a cozy apartment, which has three bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen combined with a storage room for groceries and a laundry room.As you enter my home, the welcome door is made of metal and is oil painted cream, with a wooden boxed type design on the top of the door for safety. There is a dim orange (warm) light which is used when it's dark. The wall is oil painted half cream and half white. It has a picture frame in the porch, as well. And the whole house has tiles on the floor.From the porch there are two doorways of wood, one leading to the kitchen and other to the living room. In the living room, at the left side, there is a three piece couch whose cover is floral blue and white. There are two types of cushions on the couch, one is round and the other is square. The windows are wooden and have a grill in for safety. The curtains are of blue and white floral designed. Three piece sofas are pinkish and orange in color with small cushions. A clock is placed over the small sofas. Switches for one of the fans, chandelier, dim lights, in the porch and...

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