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M3 Research Design Critique Report

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M3 Research Design Critique Report
Correlational research and causal-comparative research are two widely used research designs of a variety of types. An example of correlational research would be if the district benchmark scores would predict the success of the STAAR test. An example of causal-comparative research would be how does Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affect students’ STAAR results. Causal-comparative research is used to compare groups and observe the differences based on a variable. This research will basically be observing a cause and effect relationship. Correlational research determines whether or not a relationship exists between variables. Although they are approaching research differently, they are both the same in the sense that they have a variable.
In order to design a quality survey it is important that the questions are worded so that the group you are targeting can easily understand what you are asking. Jargon must be avoided at all costs. Depending upon your study, answer choices must be available for all types of situation or categories. When asking open ended questions that require a typed response be sure to address only one topic through the question. It is not a quality question if you’re asking someone to describe the positive and negative aspects of their job within the same question. Questions need to be direct and specific. When providing someone with a survey the directions and the purpose of the survey must be clearly stated prior to beginning the survey. To boost participation make sure the directions or the description provides information as to why this survey is beneficial and what the results are going to be used for.

First Article Summary
The purpose of this study is to compare self-contained classrooms to departmentalized classrooms. The study investigated the relationship between elementary school classroom organizational structure (i.e., self-contained versus departmental formats) and standardized achievement scores, transition time between classes, and instruction time. (McGrath, C.J., & Rust, J.O. (2002, March).
The research questions addressed are: 1. Will a self- contained class achieve higher results on state testing than a departmentalized classroom? 2. Which classroom structure will spend more/less time on transitions? 3. Which classroom will have a higher amount of instruction time?
Summation of Research Literature
Classroom structure in the elementary setting has been analyzed and scrutinized for decades by teachers, parents, and administrators. Educators have debated elementary school organizational structured since the beginning of the twentieth century (Gibb & Matala, 1962; Lamme, 1976). This article explores how transition time, time on task, teacher-student relationships affect classroom performance.
This article compares both classroom structures and compares and contrast advantages and disadvantages both classroom structure have on student...

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