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Slate magazine published, “Mac attack”, “Apple’s mean-spirited new ad campaign”. This article was posted in Slate magazine, on Monday, June 19, 2006, at 6:2 9 AM ET. The article was written by Seth Stevenson an analytical writer who’s, work is periodically published in Slate magazine. The article summarizes Stevenson’s view of Apple Computers advertising campaign.
Seth Stevenson has written an exemplary article denoting his opinion of Apple’s advertising campaign using PC man, actor John Hodgman, versus Mac boy, actor Justin Long. The commentary is well documented with examples and opinions generated from Stevenson’s experience and knowledge. He generates a sense of belonging, to some of the audience by appealing to the experienced PC user’s knowledge of PC functionality. This inclusion may be lost on those not well versed in PC usage, or those whose only knowledge is that of a Macintosh.
Stevenson places himself in the midst of the targeted demographic in paragraph three, where he states, he is a PC user that has envisioned moving to the Mac realm. He goes on in paragraph 3 to say that the advertisements, while wonderful, have not made him want to switch to a Mac. This information, along with the description of the actors involved, gives us the ability to recognize Stevenson’s grade for the advertisement campaign as being accurate, or inaccurate.

The Advertising campaign focuses on multiple video ads depicted during a period of time; the name of each advertisement is given within the article. Stevenson gives some detail on each of the advertisements by depicting verbally the content of the ad as well as a verbal depiction of the visual content. Stevenson starts the article, with an informative verbal depiction of the first ad’s content, explaining the positioning of the actors, the scene background, and the dress of the two actors. This information is enhanced with a photograph of the opening scene of the advertisement. There is also a link placed within the text to be able to access the ad campaign, unfortunately the link takes the reader to a simple webpage of the products, not the advertisements being graded. To access the real advertisements being graded the reader must research the ad campaign via You Tube.
The visual depiction mentioned above, has the director Phil Morrison as being “good news” (Stevenson) for the campaign, and to whom credit was given for his accomplishments. His use of material, or lack thereof, was given accolades for being “clean” and not “jam-packed” (Stevenson) with unnecessary, unneeded screen filling garbage. The emphasis is placed on the actors involved in the spots, and the stereotypes depicted, not on the product itself. Mention is made, of the effectiveness, of the Macintosh product versus the lacking capabilities of the PC. Throughout all the ads viewed, not one product was depicted: we as an audience were left to make a decision based on the perceived stereotypes shown, and the...

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