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In Shakespeare's Macbeth, the lead character, Macbeth, is presented with a choice of right or wrong. The wrong choice was made, and the outcome ended in tragedy. The murder's Macbeth commits lead to his loss of morals and his soul. The first murder was thought out, yet as the play developed Macbeth began to kill on impulse. This lack of judgment is what led Macbeth to his inevitable downfall.Before Macbeth killed Duncan, his beliefs and morals were very strong. He was known as heroic and patriotic towards his country. His feelings toward the king were as strong as his feelings for his country. He respected king Duncan and king Duncan felt the same towards Macbeth. Throughout the first act, it is clearly shown that Macbeth is an honest, noble, valiant, and dependable warrior, these are descriptions of Macbeth made by the soldier, Duncan and Lady Macbeth."Doubtful it stood... upon our battlements" (Act 1, Scene 2 L9-25) "O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman" (Act 1, Scene 2 L26) "Yet do I fear thy nature; It is too full o' milk of human kindness" (Act 1 Scene 5 L15) Macbeth wrote to Lady Macbeth to tell of the witch's prophecies that, if true, may change her title queen of Scotland. Lady Macbeth then started to plan to kill Duncan to make her title true. Macbeth had a lot of trouble with the idea of killing the king. Macbeth really wanted to be king, but did not want to have to kill for the title. Macbeth went through all the consequences that killing Duncan would result in and came to the conclusion not to do it at first. His thoughts changed after Lady Macbeth gave him answers to all his questions of judgment after death, or during life, his duties as a subject to the king, Duncan's virtues and how the people of Scotland would react. This made him confident in the choice to kill Duncan and take his title of king and make it his own.After Macbeth kills king Duncan, he lost all morals he had and therefore he loses his soul. After the murder, Macbeth changes dramatically. Immediately after, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth discuss the apparitions, hallucination and nightmares they both have had."Methought, I heard a voice cry, "Sleep no more!... in life's feast" (Act 2 Scene 2 L47-52) "Did you not speak?" (Act 2 Scene 2 L21) In the days that follow, which consist of no food or sleep, for Macbeth has lost his appetite, he becomes consumed with the witch's prophecies. Macbeth decides that he must kill Banquo and his son, Fleance, because the witches had said that Banquo would be father to a king. This would put a major flaw in Macbeth's kingships. Without thought or hesitation he acts on his impulse and...

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