Mac Vs. Pc: The Debate And The Dilemma

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Mac vs. PC: The Debate and the Dilemma

Background of the Debate

The debate between whether to buy Macintosh or buy a PC has been ongoing since Microsoft first introduced Microsoft Windows in November 1984. Apple Macintosh had developed its first personal computer, mouse and graphical user interface (GUI) in January of 1984. The debate has grown and has been the subject of many articles and even is the main high light of various websites. This frequently heated debate has even been compared to the Pepsi vs. Coke debate (Derene, 2009). While the rhetoric has continued the differences between these products has actually lessened, making it possible for some applications to be shared. Even the mechanics of the machines has become similar. Both use Intel processors, and both obtain many of their parts from the same supply companies. The operating systems of Windows Vista and Mac OSX Leopard are very similar when comparing multimedia, Internet and applications (Derene, 2009).
It is a well-known fact that Microsoft is the most marketed operating system. This can be explained by the decision by Microsoft to design and sell its operating system to other computer manufacturers. This meant making it compatible with other hardware. Apple did not choose to do this, making its operating systems only compatible with its own computer hardware (Derene, 2009). In a website article called “HongKait.Com: Online Tips for Designers and Bloggers” Nina Krimly states statistics that identify Microsoft as controlling 91% of the market while Apple Mac around 5%. The exclusivity of Apple did not make it popular among those who used the computer to work on projects both at home and at work in the past and Macs were thought to be the choice of the “artists” and schools and the PC was the choice of business and industry. Development in both products has challenged both of these stereotypes. Most literature that is not published by the computer companies, now identify the similarities and focus less on the differences. They no longer propose that if you have a PC at work you should be consistent with what you have at home. The main differences are preferences and style. The research on the personality traits of Mac vs. PC users even show a blending and less division than in the past (Ford, 2009). There are some other differences in the Apple Mac and PCs that should be considered when discussing which machines are better for schools to purchase.
Educational Setting
The use of Apple Macintosh in schools is predominantly all that I know and I knew little of personal computer use prior to ten years ago. Our middle class, suburban school district of over 4000 students, use to pride itself with keeping up with the technology with its more affluent neighbors to the east and the south. Changes in the economy have limited the purchase of new computers to 1.) Those bought for the new school in the district three...

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