Mac Vs Pc: What Laptop Is Most Suitable To A College Freshman?

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Reliability and Speed
Some of the best Windows-based laptops tend to be higher priced. Windows-based laptops that are priced low, are more trouble than they are worth. Typically they come with slower Intel Core i-3 or slower i-5 processors, low-end graphics cards, and 2-4GB of RAM. They are good for word processing and browsing the Internet. These may be great for English majors too, especially if they are on a budget.
A Windows-based laptop that is comparable to a MacBook Pro 13” in price and performance is the Dell XPS 13. This laptop comes with 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core i-5 processor. It comes with a 13” touch screen which outputs at 1080P high definition, and is great for movies. The Dell XPS 13 comes with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 card, which isn’t going to run games at the highest settings. With a 128GB SSD (solid state drive), the Dell XPS 13 carries about the same storage as a lower end MacBook Pro. Also, the Dell XPS 13 has some ports such as 2 USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, but no SD card slot (Neilson).
The Dell XPS 15 is a bit fancier than the XPS 13, but costs about $400 more in price. This model has the same graphics card as the MacBook Pro 15”, 2.2 Ghz Intel quad core i-7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. The Dell XPS 15 comes with Windows 8.1, which is the newest Windows operating system and is geared towards being more compatible with a tablet or Windows Phone. The XPS 15 is great for computer programmers and science majors. The laptop runs Windows 8, and can also support Windows 7 and Vista programs; a great option for business majors. The XPS 15 can easily run QuickBooks and other business software. It has tremendous computing power with a decent video card so it can do photo and video editing just as easily as a MacBook Pro 15”. The biggest difference is that Macs come with preloaded software made specifically for photo, video, and music editing. This software is free and easier to use. Windows-based laptops such as the XPS 15 do not come with free photo, video, or music editing software (Neilson).
Mac laptops retain a high value, even several years after they are purchased. They are flat out reliable. Mac OSX doesn’t have very many viruses, since Mac is only 11% of the market share of computers. This means that at 88% of the market share a Windows operating system is more likely to have viruses; and they do (Nielson). There are thousands of different kinds of viruses, worms, and malware that infect Windows-based computers worldwide. This is why a Windows-based laptop’s value drops dramatically, and they rarely hold up for more than 3 years (Neilson). Mac laptops may not be great for gaming but according to Dr. Bob Nielson, they “run Windows better than Windows-based laptops run Windows” (Neilson).
Customizability and Variety
In a Startup menu, many features are present in a Mac. A Dock stores only preferred apps. Launchpad allows easy access to the apps library. The Finder...

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