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Macbeth: A Tyrant Essay

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Peace is ‘a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended’ as the dictionairy defines it. This is commonly refered to as negative peace. It also means the lack of violence between people, may it be groups, societies or individuals. A political realm always strives to obtain at least this kind of peace, craving a world without violence. The question arises what kind of king a monarchy would need to reach this kind of peace? With other words, could a vicious king bring and also preserve peace to his kingdom, or would such a king always result in a violent state?

In the play of Macbeth, Macbeth is crowned the king of Scotland. Macbeth is mostly a vicious man. He does have ...view middle of the document...

This question can not be answered affirmative. While a tyrannian king may be able to bring a certain peace to the political realm, he will never be able to preserve it. It may take a day, a year or even a decade, but eventually people will start to chafe under the bindings of his reign. Living in a constant state of fear will eventually make people start opposing the tyrannian king and make them search for an opportunity to escape him or her. The peace in the way of absence of violence will end by the opposition towards the tyrannian king. The king will react by violently lashing out to the opposition and with that invite the opposition to react violently back towards him.

In the play of Macbeth we do indeed see some violence still. It is always caused by somebody displeasing or disobeying the tyrannian king. While people that keep their heads down and obey may live quite happily or at least rather safely, when someone disobeys Macbeth, he is punished for that with violence. An example of this can be found in the case of Macduff, who refuses to come to dinner with Macbeth and instead flees the country. Macbeth reacts to this by ordering his people to ‘’give to the edge o’ the sword, his wife, his babes and all unfortunate souls that trace him in his line’’ . An act of violence only in reaction to direct opposition, Macbeth lashes out to...

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