Macbeth Cat: Macbeth Is Entirely Responsible For His Own Fate

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Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a play in which highlights how ones nature and judgment can be responsible for the devise and shape of their own fate. Macbeth is a character of whom although his choices are superficially guided by others, his very fate is resolute of his character and attributes. His impatient ambition, stubborn need to protect his pride and consequential decision making, are all integral attributes to the story in which furthermore prove that Macbeth is entirely responsible for his own fate.
Throughout the story we can see how Macbeths impatiens coupled with his ambition to become king is a critical attribute in which significantly and ultimately led to his demise. In many instances, we can see how Macbeths hidden childish like behavior and reckless determination flourish in the events of the supernatural and the serial. Macbeth’s desire and tenacity is clearly tested at the beginning of the story when Macbeth and Duncan go to see the witches. After they finish explaining how Macbeth ‘’shalt be king hereafter”, Macbeth given a glimpse of prosperity without hesitant says “My thought/ murderer yet is but fantastical/Shakes so my single state of man that function is smother in sumrise/And nothing is but what is not” (1.3.9-12). This is a quintessential example of his character as it shows even though the witches said nothing about murder, Macbeths desire to do anything to become king is already there. This also proves that even though Lady Macbeth and the witches helped guide Macbeth later on, they cannot be held responsible as evidently displayed, Macbeth was capable of murdering for power, with or without acquaintance. Furthermore, Macbeth can also be responsible for his fate as he could have simply not taken the prophecies to mind like Banquo. However, his curiosity to explore the instruments of darkness and unrestricted ambition lead him into the murders of friends along with committing regicide and treason. This is why Macbeth is entirely responsible for his own fate.
In Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, Macbeth’s downfall can be related to his stubborn need to protect his pride and manhood from others as shown throughout the story. In many instances we see people question his reputation, one of a “brave soldier” (1.2.0-1) and “More than a man” (5.7.68-69). This in turn left Macbeth immaturely feel as though he had to prove something and in many cases further motivated him to murder and seek the crown. Upon killing King Duncan Macbeth states “First, as I am his kinsman and his subject/ Strong both against the deed” (1.7.13-14). This shows the smart and loyal side of Macbeth as it proves that he doesn’t want to kill someone of whom he is close to. This all changes as later Lady Macbeth states “Which thou esteem’s the ornament of life/ And live a coward in thine own esteem/ Letting “I dare not” wait upon, “I would”/ Like the poor cat I' th' adage?”(1.7.42-45). This in turn leads Macbeth into revolt he feels as though he is letting down not...

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