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The dramatic importance of the witches, the ghost of Banquo and the apparition in the play was important because the witches’ prophecies lead Macbeth to kill the king. The apparitions were important because Macbeth got to know that he needs to be aware of Macduff and Great Birnam. This creates dramatic importance because we will get to know what Macbeth will do next and whom to be aware of.  
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The witches show us dramatic importance by telling us Macbeth’s three prophecies. These three prophecies were thane of Glamis, Cawdor and become a king. First witch said: “All hail thane of Glamis”. (Act 1, Sn3, Ln 49-50). This creates dramatic importance because it tell the readers that Macbeth is going to get position of becoming thane of Glamis. Second witch said: “All hail thane of Cawdor”. (Act 1, Sn 3, Ln 51-52). This also creates because in the play Macbeth gets the position of thane of Cawdor. Third witch said:  “All hail Macbeth who shalt be the king from hereafter”. (Act 1, Sn 3, Ln 53). This created dramatic importance because this tells us Macbeth might be the King form here a forward. If he wants to make this prophecies to come out true than he needs to the kill the present king, than Macbeth can become the king. In conclusion, the witches’ prophecies made Macbeth a good person to a bad person.  
Second Body Paragraph:  
The apparition were important factor in this play because Macbeths gets to know that whom he needs to be aware of. The three apparition were Macbeth needs to be aware of and none women born can kill him. First apparition said Macbeth needs to be aware of Macduff: “Macbeth be aware of Macduff who is thane of fife”. (Act 4 Sn 1 Ln 77-79). This is important because Macbeth gets to know that he needs to be aware of Macduff. He is going to come after him because Macbeth killed his family. So Macduff is going to come after Macbeth for revenge. Second Apparition said Macbeth is powerful no women born can harm him:  “The power of man, for none women born shall harm Macbeth”. (Act4 Sn 1 Ln 88-89). This also created dramatic...

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