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Macbeth Is In A Courtroom Being Trialed For Being A Murderer, Usurper And Tyrant. Write A Final Speech In The Voice Of A Prosecutor.

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Ladies, gentlemen and members of the jury: today we have viewed the heinous actions of a man who stands trial as a murderer, usurper and tyrant. Driven by his lust for power, this man, Macbeth, has not only broken the sixth commandment "thou shall not murder" he has also committed the highest form of crime: Regicide.Macbeth has not only dismissed our society's ideal of law and order, he has intervened with God's choice of King Duncan (may his soul rest in peace) as the rightful King of Scotland. Today we have a man before us who has clearly defied the laws of our society and the laws of the Lord.Do we dare leave his crimes unpunished?Do we dare give peace to the man who has acted against God?Honorable members of the jury, today you must decide whether this man, Macbeth, is guilty of these monstrous crimes. Macbeth's deceitful and blood-thirsty manner is indubitably shown by his lack of remorse and responsibility for the horrible crimes he has committed. He falters and stutters in the witness box as he claims that "the witches" had deceived him into murder and tyranny. That these "witches" were at fault.Well, ladies and gentlemen, where are these witches now? Is there any evidence of the existence of these "witches"? The only other witness to the appearance of these witches was conveniently said to have been Banquo. Perhaps we can get Banquo to testify on the witness box, if it wasn't for the fact that Macbeth had murdered him prior to this case.The reason why the guilt of Macbeth is so prominent throughout this trial is due to the substantial lack of evidence of the defense of Macbeth's case. He has no witnesses, no justified explanation of his crimes and no physical proof of his innocence. So then where is the defense basing their arguments from? Because I certainly...

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