Macbeth Justification Of Themes English Statement Of Intent

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Statement of Intent for 2.6 VISUAL PRESENTATION
Your name: Zahrah Gajia Your teacher’s code: CHR
· Approved text (which text is your presentation based on?)
Macbeth- William Shakespeare
· What idea/s are you trying to communicate to your target audience?
My overall idea is the downfall of Macbeth with the seven slides. However the ideas shown to the build up of his downfall that I have tried to show, are Temptation, Manipulation, Conflict and Guilt, and eventually his downfall.
· Explain the purpose/ message of your visual presentation:
Slide 1: In the first slide, the purpose I am trying to show, is the nobility of Macbeth at the beginning of the play. This is shown by the angel wings and halo which is to propose the idea of nobility. One of my quotes being inside the heart of the image is to represent that Macbeth is ‘Brave’ at heart, just like where the text is placed. In the corner, the serpent creeping out is to show the idea of evil about to occur shortly.
Slide 2: In the second slide, the idea I am trying to ultimately present, is the idea of temptation. The apple held in the hands of (ultimately the witches hands and the hands of his downfall). The apple is used to represent temptation as in the context of the Bible, the apple is used to represent the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve were tempted with, as such so is this photo. The serpent is significantly closer to the centre of the image and is being used to show the symbol of evil power coming closer which would ultimately cause chaos and the downfall of Macbeth.
Slide 3: In the third slide, the ear is to show the ear of Macbeth listening or being convinced by the evil manipulative words of Lady Macbeth. This slide is to show the manipulation of Lady Macbeth. This is shown by the serpent very prominent now around his ear to show the evil power is very factoring now and Lady Macbeth is the form of the serpent, thus Macbeth is basically listening to the snakes evil power. The text being green and diagonally going into the ear, is to try portray the image that the words are evil and are going into Macbeth taking over him.
Slide 4: The fourth slide is to show the idea of Inner conflict going on within Macbeth. The contrast between the devil inside of him and the other side of him which shows the noble man he is praised as, shows that he is conflicting with himself in what to do because of his greed. The devil(flame) being on the left side which is usually the side to represent the devil’s side. On the silhouette of Macbeth in the middle, I photoshopped one leg in the devil’s side and one in the angel’s side to show the choice and conflict within him.
Slide 5: The fifth slides’ purpose is to show the choice Macbeth made and in showing that he fell for temptation of the crown title he would get. It shows the backstabbing of Macbeth to his former King Duncan in whom he was supposed to be loyal too, which is why I chose the backstabbing of appearance vs reality.
Slide 6: The sixth slide...

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