Macbeth, One Of Shakespeare’s Greatest Tragedies

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'Macbeth' is one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies. Unlike most other Shakespeare plays were there are a multiple amount of plots for the readers to follow, 'Macbeth' has one direct plot. The torture and anguish of a respected man who, in one moment of weakness, had his life ruined and changed from what could have been happy and joyful. Just through the simple convocation with three hags, his trail of deceit against the people he once fought for in wars and protected in risk of his own life.The term tragedy is thought as a disastrous play when it actually only has to include a fallen hero. A tragedy play ('Macbeth' for example) has to have a person who was well respected and had high honour. A hero as most people would put it. This hero must have a flaw. Not a flaw like 'he is to kind' or 'he is to strong' it must be a fatal flaw. In Macbeth's case his fatal flaw was his ambition. His desire to be the greatest. The flaw with his ambition though was that it was to strong. If he knew there was even a tiny chance he could do something, he would fight for it even if it killed him. This flaw must then lead our fallen hero into a spiral of evil and decay of his soul. He must suffer horribly through the pain he knew he brought on himself. The hero must weep and feel regret for his actions and eventually turn back to the honourable man he once was but die in the process. Only then will a true tragedy form out of a simple play. This is also how the audience feels sympathy for the hero. If the hero had just turned evil and stayed like that, there would be no sorrow for his passing. If the hero realised what he had done was wrong and was truly sorry for it, then that makes the audience realise that he was not really just a bad person, just mislead. This essay will discuss his character and will go into further detail of Macbeth later.Macbeth is a tragic hero; a person of high rank who is brought to eventual ruin by a flaw in his character. Macbeth's tragic flaw is his ambition, which leads him to a series of bloody and increasingly indefensible acts. The most apparent flaw, and perhaps the most tragic in Macbeth's character, is his lack of patients and temperance. These shortcomings haunted Macbeth, causing him to let his overvaulting ambition rush fate, and hasten his doom.In Act 1 scene 2, Macbeth is portrayed as a powerful, strong and loyal man. He is respected to the highest and is even shown as a relation to Duncan.'Oh a valiant cousin, worthy gentlemen!' This shows Macbeth has also got a personal relationship with the man he kills. The shower of compliments begins to make the audience suspicious. Going back to Act 1 Scene 1 were the witches made the comment.'Fair is foul and foul is fair.' Not only creates a paradox showing Macbeth as a servant of evil but also suggests that things in the play might not be what they seem. The first entrance of Macbeth in Act 1 Scene 3 confirms his 'so called' connection with the witches.'I have not seen such a foul...

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