Macbeth's Appearence Versus Reality Essay

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Shakespeare was one of the best playwrights who existed during the 16th century. His cunning words have a plain meaning and a hidden meaning. Therefore throughout his play, appearance does not always agree with reality. A limited view on an event or a subject will likely lead to a limited or even false conclusion. For example, the Scottish nobles viewed Macbeth as a "bloody tyrant"; for the readers, Macbeth is not total evil character, but nearly a hero with much physical strength and greatness. Only if he didn't betray his king, he would've been a great thane.Macbeth is a deranged, old man with flashes of former greatness. He came into the play as a man of honor respected by his fellow soldiers, and has shown great bravery and physical strength, fighting under King Duncan. As reported by the bloody general "Disdaining fortune, with his brandished steel...smoked with bloody execution...carved out his passage...fixed his head upon our battlement." (I, ii, 15-25) From this quote we can image Macbeth's heroic qualities: courage, bravery and unstoppable. King Duncan greatly praised Macbeth for the Bravery and Loyalty, but what he didn't see from Macbeth's face (Appearance) is the dark desire of Macbeth who is planning to murder the king (reality).From this point on, as the witches' prophecies come in and Macbeth's ambition aided by Lady Macbeth, this heroic character in both the reader's mind and Scottish noble's mind started its downfall. After the murdered King Duncan, quoted from Banquo "...and I fear thou play'dst most foully for 't." (III, I, 3) all Scottish nobles are suspicious about Macbeth of murdering King Duncan. Ever after, Macbeth seems to believe in his philosophy "things bad begun make strong themselves by ill",...

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3628 words - 15 pages capacity for compassion and repentance. These are things, which Lady Macbeth wishes stopped. In scene six Duncan arrives at Macbeth's castle, but Lady Macbeth only greets him. Once more the theme of reality versus appearance is lightly alluded to. The air and the castle appear delightful, but are in reality it is to be the site of a foul murder. Ironically, Duncan refers to Macbeth as the, 'Thane of Cawdor.' In scene

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3490 words - 14 pages , but no one else sees the ghost. The dramatic tension in this scene is exploited by the way that Macbeth in fact reveals his guilt. The mention of sleep reinforces Macbeth's guilt. It also points to the dramatic irony that Macbeth himself is a prophet "Macbeth shall sleep no more." The scene ends on the question of reality versus illusion as Macbeth tries to convince himself that Banquo's ghost was just an illusion. Macbeth consoles himself

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959 words - 4 pages husband is.Banquo, MacBeth, and Lady MacBeth all paint a vivid picture of their personalities on the outside; but as proven, they are totally different people on the inside. No matter what, reality will conquer appearance. Whether it is slow like MacBeth and Banquo's change; or whether it is abrupt like Lady MacBeth's, the truth will emerge in the end.

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1983 words - 8 pages the witches: "What, can the devil speak true?" and perceives the evil manner in which they work:And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, The instruments of darkness tell us truths, Win us with honest trifles, to betray's In deepest consequence. (I.iii. 123-126)Shakespeare works into Macbeth, the notion of appearance versus reality, and there is always confusion and uncertainty about the appearance of evil. This theme of evil being deceptive is even

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1309 words - 5 pages appearances, a central theme throughout the text. Furthermore, immediately after reading this section, I wondered what Macbeth could be thinking when he saw Malcolm's army of 100,000 men. Essentially, it was the sole Macbeth versus this gigantic horde of heavily armored men. As I read, I was thinking, "how selfish and ignorant is it to not be the slightest-bit scared of the army?" Thus, Macbeth's ignorant attitudes that provoked his death

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2402 words - 10 pages , spurred by his ambition/desire for power and his ambitious wife murders his king, seizes his crown, and destroys his country. The play's themes concern appearance versus reality and the lure of evil. Basically, Macbeth wants the power/crown, and once he gets it, he will do anything to keep it. Eventually Macbeth is killed by his power. Macbeth starts out as a nice guy but as the play goes on, he comes to be driven by ambition so that he can satisfy

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1377 words - 6 pages instance, Shakespeare ensures that the ghost of Banquo holds:"Two- fold balls and treble scepters"representing the fact that James is both King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England. Furthermore, Shakespeare makes several adjustments to the historical story, for in reality Banquo joined Macbeth in the killing of Kind Duncan, but as it would not be wise to suggest that James was a descendent from evil; proving that "Macbeth" was nothing more

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1095 words - 4 pages Illusion versus Reality Illusion versus reality is often referred to as deception of appearances. This is when something or something portrays itself as what it is not. Just like disguise, deception of appearances is an appearance in order to conceal one's true attitude or identity. This is related to the idiom "Do not judge a book, by its cover" and the metaphor "A wolf in sheep's clothing." In the play Macbeth, most characters

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1027 words - 4 pages -7). Shakespeare uses garments to show the aspects of appearance versus reality. Even when Macbeth becomes king, he does not feel like a king because he came by it unnaturally. A murderer calls him by name and he allows it. If he had become king naturally, he would not have allowed being addressed without his title by so common a person.To begin the end of Macbeth and the play. Shakespeare uses nature. "For none of woman born shall harm Macbeth

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4112 words - 16 pages ’’. Only a few moments later when Macbeth appears his first sentence is ‘’ so fair and foul a day I have not seen’’. The word play is one aspect of the pervasive twofold which characterizes Macbeth. We perceive duality in meaning indicative of the theme of appearance and reality. The good versus evil and deceit is indicated through the character of Macbeth. His character is marked by double-dealing. He professes loyalty

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