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Macbeth~ Play StudyAct 1Scene 1: A short scene opens the play. It awakens curiosity but does not satisfy it. Three witches are talking to each other. The witches reveal that they will meet with Macbeth when the fighting has finished. Mood of play is set- a prologue of evil.Scene 2: Here we learn about the tough battle, about the rebels who seem to have all the luck, and about two brave men, Macbeth and Banquo, who win the victory for Scotland. Duncan, the King of Scotland, rewards Macbeth for his courage by giving him the title of Thane of Cawdor.Scene 3: Set in moor (wetland, swamp) witches talk about evil deeds. In Macbeth, women are shown as very strong and capable. Macbeth and Banquo enter. They talk about the weather, witches appear and provide prophecy and tell Macbeth that he is the Thane of Cawdor and will be king. Macbeth is stunned to silence by their prophecies but Banquo questions then calmly about himself. The strength of his character is hinted. Macbeth thinks this is unbelievable. The witches are playing with these people. The prophecy is presented quickly and the audience is left to ponder.Ross and Angus enter and tell Macbeth that he is Thane of Cawdor. Banquo wonders if the evil prophecy is true. Macbeth loves what is happening but thinks there is something wrong. Banquo sees evil in it.Scene 4: We find that the Thane of Cawdor has been executed. Duncan reveals that he used to trust the Thane of Cawdor and that it is important that he trusts Macbeth as well. But he should not trust Macbeth 100% because he...

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Soliloquies Essay - Importance of the First Soliloquy in Macbeth

1484 words - 6 pages had.   Bibliography   Primary Source:   Shakespeare, William. Macbeth. Coles Total Study Edition. Toronto: Coles, 1992.   Secondary Sources:      1. Coles Editorial Board. "Marginal Notes to Macbeth," Macbeth. Total Study Edition. Toronto: Coles, 1992.      2. Coles Editorial Board. Macbeth Notes. Toronto: Coles, 1992.  

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586 words - 2 pages , just like anybody else, had some weaknesses. He was a gullible and a very single-minded person. He always thought of himself as being better than the rest. So he found nothing wrong with the witches' forecasts of him becoming the king of Scotland. "All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, thane of Glamis! … All hail, Macbeth! That shalt be king hereafter" This was all part of the witches' plan. They knew that Macbeth was both single-minded and

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880 words - 4 pages audiences pity the tragic hero for his downfall and forgive him since they have a full description of his heroism at the onset of the play and they tend to be grateful to him for his previous patriotism towards the nation.SOURCES:1) (Wednesday 19 October 2005 19:32)2) Pg 17, Canon Shakespeare- Macbeth-A Study Guide: Patricia Levy (Reprinted in 1996)3) Pg 76 Othello-William Shakespeare Notes by Rebecca Warren. York Press-Second Impression 2003

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1162 words - 5 pages reversed in the world of evil and that everything is ambiguous and uncertain. William Shakespeare's Macbeth is a very challenging work because of its aforementioned traits. Situations, characters and statements aren't always as they seem. This essay will prove that Shakespeare uses *** as a means to make the reader aware of deeper levels of meaning.To look more closely at the situational aspect of "Fair is foul and foul is fair," we shall now

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1861 words - 7 pages facial expressions. Another example where she helps Macbeth is the incident after he has killed Duncan. As Macbeth is uneasy and mesmerised she takes the daggers back into Duncan's chamber for him and helps him wash the blood off his hands. She is very useful in this situation as she helps pull him together psychologically. When Macbeth is speaking to Macduff directly after the murder he threatens to give the game away so

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722 words - 3 pages Directors notes on Lady MacbethA) Lady Macbeth's relationship with Macbeth at the start of the play was very good, they shared a very close passionate relationship. This is shown because he sends her a letter about the prophecy, which shows that Macbeth see's Lady Macbeth as an equal.B) When Lady Macbeth gets the letter she is very excited about the news and the prospect of her and Macbeth taking the throne. She is scared that Macbeth won't kill

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3565 words - 14 pages Macbeth, he is "too full of the milk of human kindness." On the other hand, he is cruel and evil. He murders his kind king Duncan who trusts him very much, arranges the death of Banquo and orders the slaughter of Macduff's wife and children. Behind the opposition of the two selves is the opposition of passions over reason. As a noble man, Macbeth is a man of reason who can tell good from evil. However, his cruel and villainous part is driven by

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1274 words - 5 pages study website Sparknotes says, “Macbeth is never comfortable in his role as a criminal.” He is villainous, as we witness his orders for the death of Macduff's family, yet is unable to harden his conscience to the point of not feeling the repercussions of his actions. As his reign of power falls apart, the battle within Macbeth ends as the consequences of his actions catch up with him. We are reminded of Macbeth's good qualities as he chooses to

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1265 words - 5 pages Macbeth killed Duncan, this was a turning point in the play in terms of the plot. The plot from that point on became very sinful, creepy, dark and gloomy. Almost directly after the murder of Duncan, the porter hears a knocking at the door and refers to Macbeth’s castle as, “hell[s]-gate” (Shakespeare, II.III.5). Even though the porter does not know the crime that has been committed, he is comparing the castle to hell itself, thus giving the castle

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797 words - 4 pages heed me; which to do/Trebles thee o'er.” (Tempest, Act 2, Scene1, Line 945) Antonio doesn’t do it himself, but uses keen language to get the job done. Both Antonio and Lady Macbeth are sly characters with very manipulative ways. In addition, Lady Macbeth and Antonio are also extremely cold-blooded and heartless. Antonio has no regrets when it comes to persuading Sebastian to kill Alonso. “The offence is not of such a bloody nature” (Act3

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605 words - 2 pages a good man. However, he allows himself to be manipulated and pressured into committing premeditated murder. Macbeth does later regret his actions, but not enough to stop the evil that he has put in motion. He is overtaken by his ambition, and arranges additional murders of others who are in line for the throne. A seemingly good man is actually a very evil one. As the play unfolds we realize that the main character is, in fact, a study in

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1180 words - 5 pages shown to Macbeth: a.) an armed head, which shows Macduff, and warns him to beware of the real Macduff, b.) a bloody child, which shows Macduff again, and tells him that "no man born of a woman shall ever kill Macbeth," and c.) a child crowned with a tree in his hand, which shows Malcolm, assuring him: "no harm will come to Macbeth, until woods come to the mountain," which is impossible, so Macbeth feels very safe. Macbeth is convinced he will die of

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1218 words - 5 pages unsuccessful, and so Macbeth portrays the fundamental mood of the time. King James so closely resembles to the portrait that Shakespeare paints for King Duncan, and so having a play with a very strong warning is useful as it discourages all the ambitious Macbeth’s out there not to overthrow the king, or else the same horrific fate will happen to you. King James was fascinated with witchcraft and so became engaged in writing his Demonology in

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1271 words - 5 pages nearest way" (1.5.16-18), which implies that she feels Macbeth is too kind to kill Duncan. She decides the only way to get what she wants is to intimidate Macbeth. When Macbeth says, "Bring forth men-children only; / For thy undaunted mettle should compose / Nothing but males," (1.7.72-74) Mabeth's fear of his wife really come to surface. She has a very masculine and powerful personality. Carolyn Asp, in her essay Tragic Action and Sexual

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2366 words - 9 pages , feeble and useless while men in the play are perceived as noble, strong and useful. Secondly, when women live up to the perceived ideal they end up dead while when men live up to the perceived ideal they are praised. Thirdly, when women fall short of the perceived ideal they are seen as the people who cause Macbeth to kill, while when men fall short of the perceived ideal they end up dead. Thus by studying the gender roles within Macbeth, it is