Macbeth Truth And Idealism Essay

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What could drive a sane human being to do something radical for seemingly no reason, or push someone to alter their behavior with lack of notice or evident explanation? The answer comes from within the individual’s mind; more specifically, it derives from a plague of overconfidence rooted in a person’s brain by ideals they have let consume their reason. This is very common in people who cannot achieve a solid grasp on truths in any given matter. Macbeth in the play, Macbeth, is the embodiment of this very point. He put complete trust in the witches’ premonitions and blindly acted upon them which ultimately led to his downfall and humiliation. Putting too much faith into ideals and losing sight of reality can lead to overconfidence.

If a person builds up an overabundance of confidence they can become arrogant and foolish. This arrogance can blind them from the reality that is present right in front of them. Once Macbeth becomes king he is struck down with this affliction. We witness Macbeth’s arrogance take over when he is in a confrontation with the witches and foolishly states that “[He] will be satisfied: deny [him] this, and an eternal curse falls on you” (IV.ii.103-105). This statement is painfully ironic and it is pathetic to see how a once intelligent warrior has morphed into a cocky imbecile. It is remarkable how audacious Macbeth has become simply by disregarding logic and becoming too confident in his ideals. If he didn’t get in over his head and used, at the very least, a moderate amount of reason, Macbeth could have easily added a significant chunk of years to his short lifespan. A lesson that Macbeth was clearly never taught is that it never hurts to embrace truths and see life in a brighter clarity. People can become so arrogant that they lose their humanity. Macbeth demonstrates this during Malcolm’s siege of Dunsinane. Once Macbeth encounters and murders Young Siward, he remorselessly lets the dead soldier know that “Weapons laugh to scorn, brandish’d by man that’s of a woman born” (V.vii.14-16). It takes a ruthless creature to taunt a dead corpse, but that is exactly what Macbeth has become. He essentially made a trade with the universe; one in which he loses his compassion and gains something to strive for but will never achieve. Macbeth’s decision to depend solely on his ideals has cost him his dignity and transformed him into an arrogant being he never once imagined possible. The play Macbeth serves as a cautionary tale that overconfidence often leads to an arrogant view on the world, which in turn, will most likely lead to an early grave.

If you have too much confidence in yourself you can begin to develop an egocentric view on life. You can become so self-centered that you care more about yourself than your loved ones. Macbeth has this kind of reaction when he receives word that his wife has passed away. All he has to say to himself after his once most important person in his life dies is an analogy about how Lady...

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