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Often times, directors take timeless works of literatures and make them more relatable to modern audiences. Creating a good adaptation is very difficult, the new product must be different from the original to make it relatable, however still be similar enough to recognize as the first edition. Due to changing times, many of Shakespeare’s plays have been adapted into movies. One of the most adapted plays by Shakespeare is Macbeth. This classic sets a high standard to live up to, however the film Scotland, PA comes close. This adaptation takes the plot of Macbeth and makes the setting to the more relatable 1970s about the first ever fast food restaurant. Scotland, PA is a good adaptation of Macbeth because it is different enough from the play to make it more relatable, while still keeping important details to keep the story true to the book.
The film Scotland, PA is an excellent adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece Macbeth because it makes the play more relatable to more modern times. The director took the plot of the play, but put it into the 1970s, being a much more relatable time period. The director also showed the relationship between Malcolm and Duncan to be negative. These characters made the story relatable to teens because many teenagers have relationships like the one portrayed in the movie with their parents. The movie adaptation is also more relevant to modern times because it is based in a fast-food restaurant rather than a kingdom. This makes the story more relatable because people can connect to wanting to become manager of a restaurant more so than become king. The adaptation also focuses on the guilt more than the original play. The film shows Pat’s (Lady Macbeth) obsession with the burn on her hand. She constantly scrubs he hand, applies ointment, and covers her hands, where as the play briefly mentions her guilt when Lady Macbeth is sleep walking she says “Wash your hands, put on your night-gown, look not so pale. I tell you yet again, Banquo’s buried; he cannot come out on’s grave.” (5.1.52-54) This makes the story more relatable because it allows people to relate to the extreme guilt rather than...

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