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Macbeth Written Task Essay

934 words - 4 pages

Text Type: A speech
Purpose: To make a public appearance showing his authority as king, as well as convince the people of Scotland that all will get better under his reign.
Audience: All the people of Scotland

Word count:
Task: 866 words
Rationale: 243 words

Never In the history of our great nation, did darkness come so close to our hearts disguised as an innocent angel of light like we just experienced. In the past year we as a people have experienced the greatest horror of treason from no one else than a once noble captain Macbeth who sold his loyalty to the dark powers that walk in the shadows. And from that moment he became a treacherous swine driving our nation in to ...view middle of the document...

She will also be remembered as a traitor for planning and executing a plot against King Duncan’s life as well as many other mischievous schemes. And if it is any consolation for the loss caused by the traitor lady Macbeth, I announce that she did not die a peaceful death as the court physician made it known that she had been tormented by the innocent blood on her hands and committed suicide. I also want to announce to everyone who has been exiled or driven to exile by Macbeth to please return home as I assure you Scotland has never been safer.
As we all know, there were those who supported Macbeth and his evil scheme even after knowing the devil he truly is, sadly some are among the high council who are already under arrest awaiting a fair trial which I introduced. The fair trial will ensure no one is put to death without a lawful cause in Scotland anymore. For those traitors and cowards who were too weak to stand up against the tyrant, and have betrayed the trust of Scotland, instead I summon you to turn yourself in to the authorities and I promise you will have a fair trial and a punishment that rightfully befits your crime. We will continue to investigate and everyone who refuses to turn themselves in and is found to have aided Macbeth will be exiled and will no more call Scotland his home.
I am also aware that Macbeth had consulted and was aided by the power of dark magic and sorcery, can the devil speak true? We know he cannot speak true about anything, and this resulted in Macbeth’s madness...

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