Machine And Human Centric Applications Essay

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Advancement in mobile communications has made people’s life easy, whether it is ordering a pizza, accessing internet, searching an address in a city or connecting with others through social networking site. Essential services such as e-commerce, e-banking, e-governance, e-health etc. will continue expanding their coverage and heading towards more mobility. These expansions will lead to enormous wireless traffic volume in future. We want access to various streaming services and connect instantly on a device like smartphone, workstation and over the screen in the auditorium. Ericsson has predicted that the wireless traffic volume would increase by 1000 times in 2020 than seen in 2010. This traffic is primarily driven by increased usage of mobile multi-media services[1]. Wireless traffic is a combination of human and machine centric operations. Today’s wireless traffic is largely contributed by human centric. Machine centric traffic will contribute equally in future as there is a forecast of approximately 50 billion connected devices by 2020[2]. The combination of human and machine centric applications will diversify the landscape of the telecom industry in terms of size, cost, energy dissipation and services. Machine centric applications require data delivery of high reliability and on the other side human centric applications require data delivery at high speed and always connected. Therefore, the next generation of mobile communication will be moving towards to a future state of “everything everywhere and always connected”[3].
The mobile communications started with 1st generation in 80’s for voice communication. With the time, more and more services would have converge and generations of mobile communications has also changed from 1G to 4G. The 4th generation mobile communications, also known as IMT-A (International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced)[4], is all IP based network with packet switched delivery for efficiently meeting the needs of the future generation networks with high data rates of 100 Mbps (high mobility)/1Gbps (low mobility). Various networks such as the wired (PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Networks), LAN (Local Area Networks), IP based mobile network, cellular (2G/3G), WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), nomadic, ad-hoc and sensor networks will be able to communicate with this core network. IEEE 802.16e (WiMAX) and 3GPP’s LTE technologies are considered to be 4G technology [5]. However, the need for high throughput will continue to increase in future wireless networks, due to high bandwidth demanding applications such as entertainment, multimedia, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), telemedicine, emergency, safety/security applications and other futuristic applications. These applications will push the demand for real-time, symmetric, wireless ubiquitous connectivity to an individual with a data rate that far exceeds the capacity offered by current 4G network[6].
A decade back, almost all of...

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