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Machines And Tools Throughout History Essay

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Machines date back to the earliest ages, made and improved over the years to help make their lives easier. Machines can be simple but very helpful but some are more complex. Before 1 B.C.E, people were beginning to discover new ideas which started the need for machines to help them carry out the important task such as building, carrying and much more. As time pasted and new brilliant minds and ideas began to soar, machines were a big development throughout time and many became famous for their great inventions of these machines. From the times of Mesopotamia to present day, we are thankful for these inventions which help create new architecture and homes to live in. Some of the machines they used back then we still have but the ones we have now are updated and made more complex. One of them that were known to help since ancient times was the crane. Ever since that, more knowledge and machines were created and today we have more machines for everything such as digging, carrying, and building.
The matter of fact machinery has changed our lives in many ways. People think of machines big useful things to help us out but if you look deeper a machine is “an apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task”. So the machine does not have to be a big useful apparatus, even your computer, changer, and paperclip is a machine. Everywhere you look a helpful things what helps you perform a task is a machine. Also they can be called simple machines such as a pulley, lever, wedge, wheel and axle, inclined plane and screw. So history has impacted the smallest useful things in our lives. It can be for the worst or best but in this case it has changed throughout history for the best of a person, and it will keep changing as time passes.
Before 1 B.C.E, simple machines were the start of all the machines to come. In the Paleolithic age simple machines/tools helped them get in their daily lives. This age was separated into three parts. Lower Paleolithic age, Middle Paleolithic age, and Upper Paleolithic age. They created machines/tools in these time periods to go along with their survival. During the lower Paleolithic age some machines/tools were hammer stones that show battering on their surfaces; stone cores that show a series of flake scars along one or more edges; and sharp stone flakes that were useful to cut since it had sharp edges. During the Middle Paleolithic age, some simple machines/ tools were darts, arrows, and other tools /simple machines. Stone awls, which could have been used to perforate hides, and scrapers that were useful in getting the hide, wood, and other things. During the upper Paleolithic age, raw materials (bone, ivory, and antler, as well as stone), were used to make simple machines/tools, such as bone needles. Later on, after the Paleolithic, the Neolithic age started. It had the same tools and machines but they...

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