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Machines Overcoming Humans Essay

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As one would begin to think, about how much technology we humans use daily, they realize just how much we are in need of it. As people, look back in time over the generations to where we no technology to whereas now almost everything you come across you can find on the internet or on a system. When reading “The Machine Stops,” it shows the reader just how naïve people are to how much technology they use. People are so use to just having it that they do not even think about how much it consumes their lives.
As I have learned, in the past couple of months just how much we humans are as a cyborg, made me just as gullible as people are to how much technology consumes our lives. When first ...view middle of the document...

As I read it I did not realize this until I read “Our Media, Ourselves: Are We Headed for a Matrix?” how discusses how it is connected to technology. The article “The Machine Stops” was written before the time of technology where there was little of it. To see just how well it comes to connection with how much involved our lives are to technology now is incredible. It makes you realize just how much now we humans are consumed by them. In the article the writer E.M. Forster gives a description when Vashti communicates with her son Kuno through a plate, this plate metaphorically in today time would be such as a iPad where we have the ability to Skype each other even though we are in completely different location of the world. In the article it makes one think just how much we humans are involved with technology and how it can be the end for us metaphorically, because of how much we do not realize we are just as Vashti was. After reading this article it makes you think of what one would want to realize and put into prospective. It makes you see that do you want to be as Vashti was blind from it all or be as her son Kuno was who saw that the world was being consumed by the technology.
When people begin to realize that their lives are consumed by technology, will it be something they will put into thought that they may want to have change in their lives. i have realized this and I do not even know if myself will put a change to my life. People do not realize just how much technology consumes their lives and how much we need it. If we humans did not have this technology as...

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