Machu Picchu; The City In The Clouds

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The discoverers of Machu Picchu were not even looking for Machu Picchu. They were hunting down Vilcabamba, the last homeland of the Inca. They, ironically, were discouraged to discover that Vilcabamba was not the city they had found. No, they had found something much greater. This ‘wonder of the world’ was a great achievement for the Inca. After centuries, Machu Picchu was forgotten and hidden away in the clouds. Today, Machu Picchu is a recognizable landmark for the Andes. Also, this city is a symbol of beauty. Machu Picchu is a majestic imperial estate seen by the beautiful architecture, the interesting purposes, and the fascinating discovery.
One of the Machu Picchu’s greatest features is the stunning architecture. Machu Picchu’s structures were very important to it with its purposes. One of Machu Picchu’s structures was The Sun Temple, where the advanced stonemasons of the Inca displayed their skills and also served as an observatory. Unlike The Sun Temple, some temples of Machu Picchu were often used as religious sites. One structure, that was not a temple, was used for religious purposes. This structure is called the inihuana and it was a column of stone used by priests to make the sun keep staying after winter solstice. They were afraid it would go after winter solstice. The construction of Machu Picchu was unblemished with its flawless stonework. Machu Picchu’s stonework was so defect less that you can’t even slide a blade through the cracks between the stonewalls. The Inca used bronze tools to smooth down rocks to make a fitting rampart. Emperor Pachacuti made Machu Picchu during the height of the Inca Empire, about 1450. This was a smart idea because later, this hidden venue would be used as a safe haven from the European diseases and Incan civil war. Incan Architecture was a far cry from typical. They favored trapezoids and put them for about all openings for an unknown reason. For residential edifices, they joined ten houses in a row creating a semi-circle around a courtyard connected to an alleyway and they shaped stone buildings into the shape of polygons. A lot of labor was used to make Machu Picchu and it was not easy. Professional masons were used to shave the stones down for them to fit in the stone buildings. Also, Mita laborers were used to move the humongous stones with grass ropes. The Mita workers had to work because they had not paid their debt or were criminals. The stone workers looked down to the Mita workers even though the Mita did more work than them. Machu Picchu’s had amazing architecture which was used for interesting purposes.
Not only did Machu Picchu have great architecture, but it also had a number of purposes. These purposes had a great impact on Machu Picchu. It was used as a religious site seen by its temples. It was...

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