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Maycomb News
Bob Ewell found dead after attacking children
Sérina Constantineau-Booth
ob Ewell had a long-standing grudge against Atticus Finch. On the evening of October 31st, after the Halloween pageant took place at Maycomb High School, Jeremy and Jean Louise Finch were attacked by Bob Ewell while they were walking home. Mr. Ewell had been waiting for the children to leave the pageant and he followed them. Having been scared by Cecil Jacobs earlier in the evening on their way to the High School the children gave no thought to the strange sounds around them assuming that it was Cecil.
When attacked Jeremy and Jean Louise ran away but they didn’t get far because of Jean Louise’s cumbersome pork costume. Although she could not run properly; her costume actually saved her life. Made with chicken wire the costume stopped Mr. Ewell’s kitchen knife from cutting Jean Louise. Hearing the children’s screams a concerned citizen went to their rescue. Arthur Radley came out for the first time in years to help the children.
While Jean Louise was not injured, her brother suffered from a broken arm. Mr. Heck Tate reported that Mr. Ewell got drunk before attacking the children. As a result, during the attack he tripped on a tree root and fell onto his own knife. This October 31st brought two children terrible memories and marked the end of a man’s life.
Interview with Jean Louise About Her Father’s Negro Case
Sérina Constantineau-Booth...

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