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Macro Essay

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What is Macro photography: Macro photography is an image where the subject ranges from 1:10 to 1:1 the size of the original subject. Many macro photographs focus on very small objects like insects and technology.
Composition Techniques: Basic composition techniques play a vital role in macro photography. The execution of these techniques can make or break your photo. Lighting can be used to highlight the center of interest and add depth to your photo. Depth of Field or Selective Focus aids in eliminating backgrounds that are hectic in order to make the subject highly apparent in your photo. This make it easier for the viewer to focus on the minute details often overlooked. Camera Angle is especially important to macro photography. Camera angle can help you maximize the impact of your shot. Take for example an angle where you looking up at your subject, this makes your subject seem even bigger than it may actually be.
Macro Photography Professions: Macro photography is not just a hobby, many professions use Macro photography. Macro photographs can be used for anything from scientific research and documentation to marketing. Take for example Medical Photography, which is pictures of the human body that helps with the medical care of the subject. This necessary field requires the photographer to get up close and personal in order to help doctors better identify how to treat their patient. Ophthalmic photography is a division of medical photography that uses specialized cameras to photograph parts of the human eye. These pictures document and diagnose disease conditions, and are used to help science research.
Scientific photography is about capturing subjects that cannot be seen with the naked eye, this requires the use of macro photography. It is used to show the subject in a way that explains the event or concept. Some of the pictures in your...

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