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Macro View On Gender Discrimination Essay

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Prologue of the study: a macro view
Gender discrimination is a one of the burning issues that social science academia across the globe is concerned about not only for academic research but also view as a societal problem. Non-academic intelligentsia ranging from research institutes, policy studies body to government authorities are also not in lack of interest in this sector. Many operational features of gender discrimination have been identified regionally and globally, of which organizational focus has been a recent phenomena. Some buzzwords like womenomics, gendered view of organization, feminization of poverty, blue collar job for women, work-life balance for women can mentioned randomly of the lot.
Background of the study: rationale for commencement
One of the finest think tank of the planet, Harvard Business School recently came up with dozens of open access working papers and research essays addressing the theme of “Gender and Work: Challenging Conventional Wisdom” held between February 28 - March 1, 2013. Another leading organization International Monetary Fund (IMF) published a report titled as “Women, Work, and the Economy: Macroeconomic Gains from Gender Equity” where the researcher have discussed the specific macro-critical aspects of women’s participation in the labor market and the constraints that prevent women from developing their full economic potential. (Katrin Elborgh-Woytek, 2013)
Scholars from many fields have already contributed in this body of researches on glass ceiling. Within sociology and management, scholars such as Olga Bain And William Cummings (2000), Renée Adams and Daniel Ferreira (2009), Blau & Kahn (2000), Bertrand, Goldin, & Katz (2010) focused on women’s performance in academic and corporate organizations. Whereas within economics, scholars such as Hiau Joo Kee (2005), Shantanu Khanna (2012) analyzed various dimensions of wage discrimination and promotion barriers from economic points of view.

Research Objective: feasibility of the study
However none of these works have addressed the central question of glass ceiling that is in a subtle existence in secondary and tertiary academic arena such as college and university in Canada. The special focus of studying glass ceiling in the Canadian academic profession is worthwhile because it would let us understand the undercurrents of gender discrimination prevalent in this very white collar profession. So far existences of glass ceiling were studied mostly in corporate sectors. This study wants to expand the breadth of its understanding in other professional sectors with scientific methodology.
Contributory features of the study
Despite much excellent work on themes such Academe's Glass Ceiling in USA, Asian American Faculty Face a Glass Ceiling in Higher Education in USA, unequal pay structure in terms of gender, Glass Ceilings for Ethnic Minorities, Gender Wage Gaps by Education in Spain, gender wage discrimination in India or Australia and like are carried out...

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