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Mad Cow Disease Essay

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Mad Cow disease has been heavily spoken about on the international news. Our hopes are that the disease will not spread into the United States, even though several people have died from the disease.
Our initial purpose of researching this topic has been inspired by the growing concern for the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease and it's various forms. We believe that it is imperative that we take our research and implement it to others along with facts in order to generate concern for other countries regulations, United States regulations, health concerns and economical awareness.
Our research is based on much information accessed by the Internet, news journals, books, television broadcasting and 86 general public polls taken by our group.

Imagine yourself sitting down at your local McDonalds biting into that delicious Big Mac. The same as you always order when you come to McDonalds, but this time is different, this time the meat that you ingest is infected with a deadly prion that is still in the meat, even after cooking it. This deadly prion comes from a cow that has had Mad Cow Disease. The cow was butchered and sold before dying of the disease, and before showing any real symptoms. Now your probably thinking if I do not eat cow meat then I am safe from this disease. Well imagine putting on your lipstick or several other types of facile creams and other common products that you use every day only to find that you could still be infected with the CJD disease. CJD is caused by ingesting or using a product that has been infected with Mad Cow. It is very possible to be infected by any products that are used from cows, if the United States is lenient on their regulations and laws related to this issue. Mad Cow Disease is the disease that infects cows, but it could easily affect every single one of use too, even if you do not ingest the meat. Mad Cow Disease should be taken very seriously because it can affect the whole world, even if your country is unaffected by the disease. Mad Cow is not a new disease, for it has been around for a few decades. Precautions and regulations should have been set for European countries and the United States a long time ago. Luckily the United States has been blessed with the geographical difference from the rest of the commotion going on in the European nations. This paper discusses the history and the time of infection for most of the counties in the infected areas; furthermore, the economic agriculture affected in countries, and the economic effect on the United States; and what exactly the government and other countries are doing to protect themselves and other nation from the spread and incubation of this disease.

What is Mad Cow Disease? Mad Cow Disease "is a normally extremely rare neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system of an animal and a human. The...

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