Madagascar Final Draft This Draft Has Been Cheked Over By A Teacher And Has Gotten A A . I Hope This Grade Satisfise You When You Don't Have To Do Any Work. This Is My Final Draft That Got The Grade.

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Madagascar is a big island off the southeastern coast of Africa. It is full of some rare and exotic animals that are only found in Madagascar. Madagascar is called The Republic of Madagascar and nicknamed "Land of the living fossil" because of its unusual plants and unusual plants and its unusual animals. Madagascar's capital is Antanarivo. Madagascar is composed of one big islands and a few smaller islands that are adjacent to the big island. The population of Madagascar is 16,423,477. The area of Madagascar is 226,657 square miles. The highest point of Madagascar is the Tsaratana Massif. The lowest point in Madagascar is sea level. The official languages is Madagascar are Malagasy and French although the history of the Malagasy is not documented. To say hi to someone in Malagasy would be saying Manoahoantompoka. The malagasy language uses the Roman Alphabet. Madagascar became a french Prectorate in 1885. Madagascar is a republic and multiple socialist party. Madagascar is governed by a head of state who runs a 5 year term. Madagascar became a colony in 1896 and won its independence on June 26, 1960. Then under the socialist constitution the name was changed to The republic of Madagascar. The life expectancy of males is about 53.5 years old and the life expectancy of females is about 58.1. Most of the rare and exotic animals are now only found in Madagascar, such as the lemur. The lemur is a primate like animal. The monetary unit in Madagascar is the Franc. The Franc is equal to a centoine, which is...

Find Another Essay On Madagascar Final Draft- This draft has been cheked over by a teacher and has gotten a A-. I hope this grade satisfise you when you don't have to do any work. This is my final draft that got the grade.

Ciggarettes And Syringes - Gonzo Journalism The grade is no lie I got A* full marks for this work.

4584 words - 18 pages idea. Three weeks later when they found themselves trying to get up off an alleyway floor with no elbows or knees they tended to review their outlook. I had been a continual customer of his for at least four and a half years now, and a relationship had been formed that could accommodate almost any favour or request. I was about to test this."Two grand?" The voice on the other end dripped with a Jamaican accent."Yeah, I can get it back to you by the

Carl Matt is the only character that changes throughout the novel, "A Bridge to Wiseman's COve" by James Moloney, do you agree? (DRAFT 3)

1039 words - 4 pages lost his son from one of the Matt’s. Skip accepted Carl onto his Barge knowing that he should not judge people from their whole family. Harley was in trouble all the time, stealing from Nugent’s store and skipping school. Harley learnt that stealing is never the answer to being happy. Joy helped Harley by giving him the affection a young boy needs. In the novel ‘A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove’ by James Moloney, it shows that people change in their life and go through hard times. The characters in this novel forget about all the bad things that have happened and move on together.

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1183 words - 5 pages the skin of the lion of Nemea. Heracles knew that the best could not be hurt by stone or bronze, so he would have to devise some other way to kill it. When he came upon the Vellala 2 lion he learned that his arrows and his huge wooden club were also useless. The lion responded to Heracles’ attack by retracting into a cave that had two exits” (101). This quotation exemplifies the incredible strength the beast possesses which enables it free

I wrote this about Act 3 Scene 5. I got a grade B so hope this helps. It is on Romeo and Juliet

1395 words - 6 pages with his daughter and threatening to disown her. A modern day audience would be shocked and confused with the behaviour in this scene but when Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, a daughter would have been expected to be obedient towards her father and not defy her father's decision. Capulet's departure in the scene is showing the audience another important person in Juliet's life that has turned their back on her, after Romeo. After

Pregnancy and Smoking. This is a Term Paper that I got an (A) on. It's 7 pages long including Bibliography. My research has been wide and thorough enough to support my thesis or purpose.

1304 words - 5 pages researchers agree that quitting smoking is especially difficult for women. This is for a number of reasons including the assumption that women often use cigarettes to handle all of their negative emotions, stress, depression, loneliness and anger. In addition, studies have also indicated that women who stop smoking may have more intense cravings for cigarettes than men do who quit. "This may be due to the fact that there is a biological difference

This is an essay I wrote for Ap English that has minor errors but still recived a good grade.

945 words - 4 pages into a dangerous place. I know this is very similar to MacBeth, but the movie still illustrates the point the crime of pride. People who don't listen to what they are told are often the receivers of great pain. In my own life pride has caused me pain. I once didn't give back a person back his own money even though I knew it was his. If I had been a truthful man and had seen my course was evil, I would have not chosen the course

The amzon rain forest. this essay is about the amazon rain forest and how much longer it will be around for it got me a good grade hope fully for you.

1450 words - 6 pages , (7). The destruction of40 million acres of rain- forest a year causes a major dent on the speciesliving in these regions. Magnificent and beautiful creatures of God arebeing innocently killed by the destruction of their homes. In the last twentyyears, four major damns have been built in Latin and South America. Themost recent, The Tucurui Dam, is twelve miles long and when filled, thereservoir will destroy 800 square miles of virgin forest and

Hold my hand or else! This was a book report for Year 7 and I got an A for it. I hope it helps you in your assingment:)

1182 words - 5 pages that time. The language she has used is full of abbreviated words to make it sound Australian.Do you think that young teenagers today have similar worries to those in the text.Yes I do think that young teenagers today have similar worries to those experienced in the book but on a much larger scale. I think this because I have seen this happen to many of my ex-friends. Many teenagers today have some urgent urge to fit in, wear the right clothes and

Title: The Monster's lack of childhood in Frankenstein led to complete chaos. This is a pretty good and lengthy paper, I got a good grade on it.

2340 words - 9 pages with the monster. "I have answered you; you may torture me, but I will never consent (124)." The lack of care he has towards the possible death of his loved ones due to keeping notable status is awfully selfish. His dynamic sense of individuality and narcissistic demeanor initially allowed him to create a masterpiece, and it is these characteristics that continually cause Victor to live is such distress during the rest of his life.Victor

As a manager at Blue Mountain Company, you have been asked to handle an employee that has violiated the rules of the company. Other than dismissal, how would you handle this situation?

856 words - 3 pages escort intoxicated people off the parking lot onto the public roads, he still had taken an oath that required him to report it to the proper authorities (p. 318).By using the complicity theory, I will know how to handle this situation and what type of disciplinary action to take, if any. The first point in this theory is, what he revealed must derive from his work for the company (p. 302). David Tuff has this information because he works for the

This is a quote format paper from Romeo and Juliet. I got a good grade on it.

618 words - 2 pages Romeo Hath had no notice of these accidents; But I will write again to Mantua, And keep her at my cell till Romeo come; Poor living corse, closed in a dead man's tomb!" He is doing so much for the both of them to help this marriage work. He's explaining what he has to do: Go to the tomb where Juliet lies alone to wake in three hours, and then he'll bring her back to his cell. After he would resend the letter to Romeo telling him to come to his cell

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2817 words - 12 pages the white folks. They have been through all types of torture and pain that no one could imagine. Feminism – Sethe being a slave and being physically tortured just because she is a female. In that time, female didn’t have anything to say, they were the ones who would just look and listen and do what they are told to do. Marxist theory – the class difference between the white people and black people. As slaves, black people were always dominated by