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Madame Bovary Essay

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Madam Bovary is a novel written by Gustave Flaubert in 1856. It takes us through the journey and the life of an extremely complex character Emma Bovary, who was a doctor’s wife. Emma had adulterous relationships and lived beyond her means in order to get away from the ordinariness and emptiness of her life. Madam Bovary was later turned a romance and drama film in 1949. It was written by Robert Ardrey and directed by Vincente Minnelli. In the film, the figure of Emma Bovary as a character in the novel causes cheers of approval and howls of outrage as Gustave Flaubert is tried to prove that he did not write an indecent novel. In order to prove that that he wrote a moral tale, he decides to ...view middle of the document...

Unlike the novel Madam Bovary, the Madame Bovary 1948 film version starts with the trial at the beginning and at the end of the story. The novel version was not affected by the plot of the film because it was just trying to justify what was written in the novel was not immoral. The film version was told from the standpoint of Flaubert being on trial so as to make the story in the novel look moral and not indecent as it had been alleged to be.
The character of Emma in the novel is very different in the film. In the novel, we are introduced to her at her father’s farm. She is depicted as an elegantly dressed beautiful, well educated young woman and has a latent and powerful yearn for romance and luxury judging from the kind of novels she reads.
In the film, Emma is introduced as a twenty year old living with her father in a small farm in the country. She is depicted as lonely and the books she reads are her companion. She is said to fantasize about love and she is convinced that she will one day fall in love and...

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