Maddie Gardner, My Idol Essay

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Maddie Gardner, one of the most famous cheerleaders in the All-Star cheerleading world. A.K.A – a “Cheerlebrity.” I first found out about Maddie through a video on CNN my friend sent me, and ever since, I’ve always looked up to her as an idol! She’s been cheering for 14 years, and joined Cheer Extreme All-Stars (CEA) in Kernersville, North Carolina when she was 7. Maddie has always been the front and center flyer (point flyer) and when she joined CEA’s Senior Elite – the best senior all-girl team, she suddenly became famous for her specialty stunt! Her ball up 360 tick-tock to stretch! As she was the first and only to ever perform it on stage at WORLDS 2010, it helped her team win the gold for the first time! Determined to keep her team on top next season, a fatal accident weeks before WORLDS 2011. She tore her ACL falling from a stunt! She was out for a whole week, but returned to practices working through the pain in her knee… Finally, at WORLDS 2011, Senior Elite competed with a flawless run on day 1. Although on day 2; the mood suddenly changes as Maddie’s famous stunt, now advanced to a cobra stretch fell…. The staffs were there to catch her, but Maddie reached towards her stunt group and got back up within seconds. Crying back stage, she was even more torn and devastated to hear they are third… With her head up high, she practiced even harder for WORLDS 2012. When they competed and gave everything on the mat next season at WORLDS, their teams hard work, determination, and teamwork got them back on top! As Maddie’s last year on CEA with a huge win ended strong, she is now majoring in broadcast journalism at UNC where she is continuing her love and passion for cheerleading there as well!

When Maddie fell in 2011, but got back up so strong with a smile on...

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