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About 60% of all kids in Madison High School participate in some section of the fine arts program which consists of band, choir, orchestra, and drama. This was one of the main reasons that so much money was spent on the fine arts section of the Madison High School, especially the auditorium. It does get quite a bit of use between the four programs and other public events, so it has been worth its money spent on it. During these public events, many kinds of people come to see a good performance and be entertained, but people also go for other reasons, which affects the way that they act at these events.
Approaching the auditorium from outside, one can see clearly what is on the inside due to the large glass windows and doors that cover about half of the front view of the building. In the large lobby, there are bathrooms, drinking fountains, the ticket office, and doors that lead to the hallway to the auditorium. This hallway has a fork, giving the people who enter the choice of entering the auditorium on the left or right side. When the hallway ends, there are seats that seem never ending, even though there are only about 1500 seats. The seats are split into two tiers, a lower tier and an upper tier. The lower tier is the main level and is close to the stage, while the upper tier is a mezzanine with stairs that lead to the rows of seats, with the seats farthest from the stage being the highest seats in the auditorium. Within each tier, there are three sections: left, middle, and right. The left and right are angled to the stage, while the middle section is parallel with the front of the stage. These separate sections allow for easy access to the seats because there are aisles on both left and right of every section of the seats. The seating and size of the auditorium make it a public place, but those are not the only reasons it is a public place.
The Madison High School auditorium is a public place in which people can come and leave as they please, as long as they have paid for entrance to the event. Also, a public place is a place that is open to everyone, and the auditorium meets that requirement by letting everyone enter at least the lobby, even if they have not bought a ticket to the event. There are also many events such as concerts that ask for donations, but do not require money for entrance, which gives anyone the opportunity to enter.
There are two possible purposes for Madison High School’s auditorium. In any high school the main reason facilities are built is to serve the students, and this auditorium is no exception. This purpose is done in many different ways. Students in drama are able to put on their productions, and students in choir, band, and orchestra are able to perform and share their achievements in front of an audience. Another way that the auditorium serves the students, is by creating a place for the students to gather for presentations and assemblies. The other purpose is to have a place for...

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