Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone: One Of The Most Influential American Icons In The 21st Century

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Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (aka Madonna) is one of the most influential American Icons in the 21st century. She uses her sexuality and feminine characteristics to convey her beliefs to the public. She started a trend among youngster “wannabes” during the mid 80s (Cengage, 2003). These youngsters adopted Madonna’s messy hairdo and bold wardrobe such as lacy undergarments fully expresses the female sexuality and seductiveness. In this report, we will analyze Madonna’s career as an entertainer from the perspective of the Product life cycle and evaluate Madonna as a brand. A product life cycle describes how a product goes through the stages of introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.
Introduction stage
During the introduction stage, the product is initially launched and slowly grabbing the public’s attention (Solomon, 2008). Madonna’s career as an entertainer entered its introduction stage when the Warner Bros released her first self-titled debut “Madonna” in 1983. Madonna’s “funky, rhythm-and-blues-tinged sound” (Cengage, 2003) slowly caught the attention of New York underground club dancers and audiences. Madonna and her band members often visit the hottest clubs to attract more audience by wearing multicolored wardrobe and performing provocative dancing.
Growth Stage
During the growth stage, the sales of the product increase rapidly and expand its market by adding variations to product (Solomon, 2008). Madonna’s career experienced a rapid growth when her first single “Holiday” was released in 1983 (Grant, 2008). Following the success of “Holiday”, Madonna establishes consumer loyalty by launching more music that contains sexual innuendos as well as addressing unspoken issues like teen pregnancy. Madonna gains market share by making her work a representation of flourishing trends like “Vogueing” (Cengage, 2003). Madonna took advantage of her newfound popularity by expanding her career to commercial and film.
Maturity Stage
During the maturity stage, the sales level of the product reaches its peak and gradually decline (Solomon, 2008). Madonna reached her career peak and plateau in the 1990s. Madonna pushed her career to the top by massive public exposure for both her personal life as well as her career. She raises controversial issues such as polyamory, AIDs, and erotism in her music and book (Cengage, 2003). The racy images and erotic content in her book as well as her album “Erotica” pushed her to the top of the entertainment industry.
Declining Stage
During the last stage of the product cycle, sales dramatically decrease, owning a...

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