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Maestro: An Important Influence On Australian Society

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Literary works are the products of the society in which they are created and therefore display dominant societal values unless the text producer deliberately challenges these values. These works of literature communicate these dominant values and reinforce tropes in our society. One such trope, as communicated in Peter Goldsworthy’s Maestro is that of the larrikin – a hooligan, a trope which conjures up a mental image of disdain for authority, propriety and the conservative norms of bourgeois Australia. The consumption of texts produced in Australia by Australians helps reinforce our cultural norms and values, and aids us in recognising ourselves as Australians. This is done through ...view middle of the document...

Goldsworthy’s portrayal of multiculturalism and then growing diversity in Australia help us to recognise our past social conditions and observe how our culture has changed since. The issue of multiculturalism in the context of Australia’s military involvement in South East Asia is culturally specific and as a literary work, helps us to recognise ourselves as Australians.
“Greek, Chinese-Aboriginal, Australian: the band might have been a statistical paradigm of Darwin’s population, a band put together according to principles of affirmative action and proportional representation”
This quote from page 77 brings together neatly the issue of discrimination in our increasingly multicultural society by highlighting the issue of affirmative action, the so-called ‘buzz word’ of the period. Affirmative action, also known as positive discrimination, is the policy of providing special opportunities for a disadvantaged group who suffer from discrimination. This started out as a belief that women were discriminated against in the workforce, and later resulted as a policy which cemented these views in our legislature. This quote conveys the increasing quantities of immigrants and the need for representation of other cultures in literary works such as Maestro in order to truly recognise our entire society as Australians.
Another issue of Australian identity covered in Goldsworthy’s Maestro is that of conformity. It is the opposite of larrikinism, which seems to be near extinct – the days of a beer drinking, hardworking, blue collar, Aussie larrikin considered a cultural icon are very nearly gone. Causes for the death of our ‘cultural icon’ is a contentious topic, and may be due to overregulation by the government; which has made people more restricted and politicians more rehearsed and controlled; and early urbanisation from the 1900s which has produced an environment of privacy and suspicion in the growing proportion of Australians living in suburbia. This new tradition of conformism can be seen...

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