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Paul Crabbe is the protagonist and first person narrator in the story. He lives in contemporary Australia, a place of energetic pleasure, freedom, space, however, it is also at the end of the world which is one of the first symbolic references to the fact that Paul Crabbe is never quite part of the action, he is always one step away from reality.As both the central character and narrator of the story, Paul brings us into the story with him and looking back at it, he recalls it for us. Paul is an engaging character and describes his passage from childhood to adolescence. He is likeable although he does have his downfalls. He is excruciatingly insensitive as he persues Keller's past, however he evokes sympathy as he pedals furiously to Rosie's house, afraid he "might lose her".The story of his world is told in a straightforward chronological account, describing his childhood, his time spent in Darwin as a pupil of Keller, his passage from adolescent to adult, his ambition to be a concert pianist and his ultimate realisation that "Honourable mention has become the story of my life".Paul's character is majorly influenced by Keller throughout the course of the book. It is through Keller, that Paul learns many valuable lessons in life, however, ironically, he does not realise it at the time, "you are pig-ignorant Paul". A very self-centred charater, Paul believes that he is capable of anything and is quite arrogant about it. Only afterwards, looking back, does Paul realise how stupid he had been, "His echoes were always an immense improvement and this also - in my youthful arrogance - I decided was mechanical" One of the major personality traits of Paul is that he is never quite perfect, never quite all there, he seems to be one step away from the action. This theme is revisited throughout the book. For example, when Paul is spying, through a...

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1379 words - 6 pages consequences.The novel, Maestro composed by Peter Goldsworthy exhibits the process of maturation and growing through countless experiences. Paul Crabbe, the main character, develops from a boy full of youthful arrogance, vanity and self-importance, into a man dissatisfied with the person he has come to be and the life in which he leads. Paul's perspective of himself changes and develops throughout the novel as a result of experience. Paul moved to Darwin as boy

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1052 words - 4 pages 'Maestro', 'Anthony and Cleopatra', 'Gladiator' and the letter to the editor each present the effects of betrayal and guilt in their own effective way. Their effects of betrayal and guilt rang from, changing your personal identity, suicide, the pain it causes the person who has been betrayed and the result of not being able to trust anyone.'Maestro' is written by Peter Goldsworthy and is a memoir of Paul Crabbe. Not only do we find out much

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808 words - 3 pages achieved this thorough his character development, utilization of the settings and use of language.The novel begins in Darwin in 1967 and traces Paul's life through his childhood to 1977. During this time he travels to Adelaide, through Europe and ends up settling in Melbourne. The central concern of the novel "Maestro" is definitely the growth to maturity of Paul. The issues which arise in the novel, such as music, relationships, love, and betrayal

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1142 words - 5 pages film techniques [in films] also help reveal the nature of relationships in creating almost another dimension for the audience to participate in. Peter Goldsworthy wrote Maestro in first person, and the whole story is a memoir, a remembrance of the past. This hinted that Goldsworthy wants the reader to be closer to the main character in order to understand Paul, the real Paul. In fact, sometimes the reader is able to feel what Paul is thinking

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1032 words - 4 pages of ourselves. Mentors are the ones who change us, causing us to build in character. In Dead Poet's Society, is can be seen through the characters of Charlie, Neil and Todd the way they developed in personality. They displayed pupils who were influenced by a mentor who encouraged them to seize the day and dream. In Maestro, Paul and Keller had a mentor and mentee relationship, and both learnt something from each other. McKinney's poem "Mum, you've taught me" shows the life lesson that a mother had taught their child, and the different types of mentors in one's life.

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1496 words - 6 pages "And thus while I listened, the future became the present unchallenged; and all too soon the regretted past".Paul's growth to maturity is the central concern of the novel To what extent do you agree with this statement? Discuss in relation to the novel's themes and issues.The central concern of the novel "Maestro" is definitely the growth to maturity of Paul. The issues which arise in the novel, such as music, relationships,m love, and betrayal


1405 words - 6 pages Magorian all enhance the understanding of relationships. These three texts, all show various types of relationships, are all presented in various ways. The main relationship presented in ‘Maestro’ involves the unlikely friendship developed between a teacher (Keller) and his student (Paul). The main relationship in ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ is rather similar and involves the relationship between an elderly man (Tom) and an evacuee he was forced to take on

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1600 words - 7 pages I choose this news because I think that this airplane industry is having a decline in revenue problem. So I interested to analyze this airplane company. But before I analyze this company, I want to explain a little bit about this airplane industry. A Qantas airway is an airplane industry from Queensland, Australia, and the head office of this airlines industry located in Sydney, Australia. This industry was found by 3 people named Paul

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2015 words - 8 pages and son relationship. This paper will try to confirm that there was some kind of an Oedipus relationship between the main character Paul and his mother. This relationship stays with Paul up until the day he decides he must finally let his mother go. The relationship between Paul and his mother Mrs. Morel played a significant role in the detrimental outcome of her son’s life. In order to further support this idea, first, we must take a look at

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1605 words - 6 pages strong support system is also very important because it builds students’ confidence (Paul et. al., "Principles of Service-Learning"). Teachers can also support students in their service by serving as mentors that the students could look up to (Rubenstein). Works Cited Abourjilie, Charlie. "Defing and Understanding Character Education." Character Education. Ed. Mike Frye et al. N.p.: n.p., 2002. 2-11. Print. "Building Community through Student

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5099 words - 20 pages , and he can never free himself from her possession.After analyzing this novel, the researcher finds some characterization of the main character. They are:Good lookingPaul is a young man whose physical appearance is handsome. See quotation below:"Paul made no answer, but passed listlessly in front of his picture and turned towards it. A look joy came into his eyes, as if he had recognized himself for the first time" (Ch II.P.40)RomanticPaul is a

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1329 words - 5 pages not such a bad place after all.What we feel is camouflaged in the most obvious things. Why do we cherish the things that appeal to us most? The things that we love hold a special place in our hearts and carry what we feel deep inside.Take for example, the novel maestro, published by Harper Collins in 1989 and composed by Peter Goldsworthy. It explores many issues regarding the two main characters, Paul Crabbe and Eduard 'Herr' Keller. Paul, an