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The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, written in approximately AD50 , describes a well established trade route, linking Arabia with Azania, as the east coast of Africa was known in the Graeco-Roman era. The principal port of trade was Mocha (or Merku and Mark'a) in present day Yemen, and the last port in Azania was Rhapta, lying some two courses from the island of Menouthesias, itself 300 stadia - a measure of distance equivalent to about 50 km - from the coast. Menouthesias was "...a low island covered with trees in which are rivers..." according to the Periplus. And Rhapta lay to the south "...beside and to the east of a cape with a river..." according to a separate source, Ptolemy , in his famous Geographia. The locations of both Menouthesias and Rhapta have confounded scholars since the Periplus was first translated in 1912. Some scholars argue that Zanzibar or Pemba may be the fabled Menouthesias with Rhapta somewhere between Bagamoyo and Dar es Salaam.The trade links to Mocha indicate that the Sabaeans, ancestors of the Yemenis, claimed ancient right to over-lordship of the Azania coast, although this is believed to have been an arrangement to reduce trade competition rather than the result of conquest. Rhapta and its hinterland were governed, undoubtedly tenuously, by these people, believed to be the Ma'afir, a tribe of Himyaritic stock. The control from the Ma'afir may explain the name of "Mafia".It is not too fanciful to suggest that Mafia is the Menouthesias of the ancients and Rhapta was in the area of Kilwa. Ptolemy located Rhapta at 8o South (where the Delta lies) and "...near a big river..." these geographical descriptions and the mention of many crocodiles in the old writings certainly support the possibility of the Rufiji Delta as Cape Rhapton.A Persian family, apparently from the town of Shiraz in Persia, led by Ali bin Sultan al Husayn ben Ali settled in Kilwa in AD975. Bashat, one of his seven sons, settled in Mafia to govern under this new Kilwa Sultanate and he is thought to have established the towns of Kua and possibly Kisimani Mafia.Kilwa prospered from the gold and ivory trades, tariffs on cargoes, and as a source of pitch and resin as it is a convenient port for victual-ling and re-caulking ships. Here the literature is vague: Did Kilwa already exist as a significant port (Rhapta)? How did this new settler from Shiraz assume such economic and political power so quickly? It is hard to believe that Kilwa was not already prosperous and therefore attractive to the Persians, who stepped into or complemented an economic and power vacuum, possibly because the Yemenis were itinerant trader-sailors and did not settle . It is certainly an exceptionally good port for a sailor, with an entrance that is easily negotiated and a superb protected anchorage in deep water.Work being done by archaeologists, anthropologists and linguists strongly supports the school of thought that between AD700 and AD1250 an identifiable Swahili culture...

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The Mafia Essay

2031 words - 8 pages The Mafia The Mafia is a secret criminal organization that has great economic and political control over large parts of Sicilian society and operates both criminal and legitimate enterprises in the United States. It is believed to have started during Sicily's late Middle Ages, beginning as separate bonds of strong-arm enforcers hired by local landowners. It eventually evolved into a network of independent groups governing in rural areas

Mexican Mafia Essay

584 words - 2 pages The Mexican Mafia originated in the mid 1950's at the Deuel Vocational Institutue in Tracy, California.The Mexican Mafia patterned their organization after the Italian Mafia.The Mexican Mafia is also known as "La Eme" Their Main symbols are "La Eme", the mexican eagle with eme under it, the letters "MM", or the black hand print which is copied from the Italian Mafia.La Eme was the 1st prison gang in California, unlike other Mafia's this one was

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948 words - 4 pages open my eyes I notice that there was someone next to me talking. It was Luvinia. I'm assuming she had started off with telling me who she really was. I didn't really hear everything since I woke up in the middle of her conversation with me. What I did get from her was that she was keeping a dark secret from everyone. She was the daughter of a mafia leader from Spain. Even though she's Italian her family had moved to Spain so that her father could

American Mafia vs. Italian Mafia in Cinema

2631 words - 11 pages The gangster genre within films in America has accomplished numerous positive criticisms and constant willing audiences due to containing outstanding spectacles and mind-blowing action. The Godfather, being second on the IMDb Top 250 Movies, has set a new popular concept to life within the Mafia from their point of view. Doing so, creating a positive association. Yet within Italy, the same topic contains a complete different view. Movies such

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532 words - 2 pages Most people think that people from the mafia are ruthless gangsters, who don't care about anybody except them selves. They can do anything they want to and not get punished or caught. Another stereotype is all Italians are part of a mob or gang. A perfect example is the show "Sopranos". In this essay ill show you how shows and movies stereotype the mafia and the Italian race.A very common Mafia Stereotype is that all Italians are part of a gang

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3912 words - 16 pages IntroductionThe world the Mafia has always held such fascination for most of us, probably ever since the first time we saw gangster themed movies. The popular view of the Mafia, as prompted by the media, regards them as dangerous, mysterious, exciting, and held together by family ties which explains why we are inevitably drawn to them. To many, they represent the "American Dream" realized because they have managed to break free form their humble

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2059 words - 8 pages The Mob. The Irish Mafia. The mere mention of these terms brings a thrill and excitement to many, while describing some of the most brutal criminals in America. They have been glorified in countless movies and books; the stories of their exploits make for excellent entertainment. However, the reality is that those involved in organized crime are as violent as they are portrayed in Hollywood, and seldom as glamorous. In this paper, we will

Origins of the Mafia

1137 words - 5 pages Although the mafia has had it's strongest presence in America, their roots stretch all the way back to an island in the Mediterranean. Sicily, Italy is the birthplace of the modern day "mafia", otherwise known as "la cosa nostra" (our thing, this thing of ours). With the Napoleonic wars through World War I separated Sicilians from Rome, the law, and thus most of the corrupt and unstable Italian government. Being away from government, Sicilians

not just the mafia

914 words - 4 pages . It is believed that modern organized crime began in Italy in the 19th Century with the Sicilian group La Cosa Notra and other Sicilian mafia were more powerful than the Italian government. When Mussolini rose to power he ran out the Italian mafia and many fled to the United States. In 1970, Congress passed the Organized Crime Control Act. The acts purpose was to eradicate organized crime by expanding evidence gathering tools, including more

Prohibition and the Mafia

762 words - 3 pages speakeasies was social event for most people during the prohibition. This being illegal causes much hate against the government. It was not only the gangsters taking a stand for what the believe in was all of America. Even though the prohibition ended and the 18th amendment had failed the mafia was there to stay and increased in size over the next 60 years. The mafia started in 1931. On February 20, 1933 the 21st amendment was enacted. It repealed the

The Sicilian Mafia in America

1434 words - 6 pages During 1869-2014 the Sicilian mafia in America evolved in a number of ways such as: the change in rules, leaders, how it is run, the change in code and power over American society. These topics will be covered throughout this essay and will give you a detailed explanation furthermore the history of the evolution that took place. The Sicilian Mafia started in poor Sicilian ghettos in America and spread into the cities striking fear into the

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Mafia Essay

1405 words - 6 pages The Mafia way of life may seem like a romantic updated version of the western movie played out on the streets of the big cities where the good guys and the wise guys who share the same instincts and values do battle before an enthralled public but it is actually very different. The Mafia is really just a group of uneducated thugs making money by victimizing the public. Initially, the Mafia was setup as a prominent supplier of bootlegged liquor

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1077 words - 5 pages American Mafia “Wherever there’s opportunity, the mafia will be there” (Johnny Kelly). The identity of organized crime has changed through history due to the power of the Mafia. The American Mafia have impacted and influenced America’s culture and how they see crime today. The Mafia have mainly affected culture, films, books, crime, and politics. The Mafia is one of the most ruthless, influential, and dangerous organized crime groups to

The Mafia Essay

1807 words - 7 pages The Mafia It exists. You probably won’t see it if you visit Sicily. You probably won’t see any of its effects, either, unless you look very closely. But considering it’s profound influence on Sicilian life, no twentieth-century history book on Sicily would be accurate without mentioning the most famous Sicilian fraternity. “The word ‘Mafia’ was formally recorded by the prefect of Palermo in 1865, after the unification of Italy (57 Robb

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2049 words - 9 pages The Mafia was largely made up by 24 separate groups of Italian families. The Italian based mob originated from Sicilian immigrants who brought the idea of the Mafia with them to America and arose as "Cosa Nostra". Italy made a movement against Mafiosi, or members of the Mafia, in Sicily causing many to flee to the United States and eventually join the Cosa Nostra ( MafAm 7). Many members, including notable figures such as Frank Costello, Al