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Magazines Play A Role In Popular Culture And Shape Gender

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Our society is surrounded by several means that reinforce popular culture. Mass media plays significant roles in reflecting, reinforcing, and changing the dominant systems and ideologies that help shape gender. Women are judged based on their height and weight. Men get a lot of pressure to be muscular and buff. Everyone has pressure to conform to a certain body type. Major sources of these opinions come from television, the internet, books, radio, and print media (BOOK). Magazines have helped to shape popular culture for many years, and the topic has interested me throughout the semester in this class. The objectification of women in America is reinforced by magazines, which relates ...view middle of the document...

Magazines show bodily standards to which women are expected to achieve. Many women are not able to measure up to the airbrushed women that are shown in the magazines; however, the products that are being advertised claim to help improve the lives of the women. Many magazines focus on beauty, attracting men, self-improvement, and sexuality. There are also many magazines that are directed at men. Most magazines are directed towards hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and sports. Sports Illustrated has a swimsuit edition that shows many sexualized women. Playboy also highly sexualizes women. These two magazines show men the “ideal” woman, forces women to match the ideology, and highly objectifies females. Overall, the affect that magazines have on women’s culture relates to chapter nine in Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions.
Magazines reflect, reinforce, and shape systems and ideologies of gender. Media shapes and reflects society. To determine what the editors publish in their publication, they must first look at the current society to see what information is relative and important to people, they then reflect what they see and shape society by showing the information. The media is dependent on what society wants, but society is also dependent on media to get important information and to conform to the rest of society. Magazines often reinforce mythical norms and gender roles. Many magazines are targeted towards a young, white audience. The...

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