"Magik" An Introduction To A Story Challenging The Unseen; (A Boy Who Has Been Outcast From Society Finds Safety In His Self Created Magic.)

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MagikScattered light spewed in a drizzle through the dusty air. The desolate dirt track was hidden by falls giant orangey red hands, which crunched under foot. The dry Autumn chill was lingering as the last of the summers heat grew weary. The days were diminishing, forever shorter.The sun sank low over the trees as the last of the school kids stumbled their way home. It was the start of a long cold night. The mellow colours of Autumn quivered as the cold stung all eyes. He stood there in a shabby coat and muffled trainers. Shadows danced around him, looming away from his pale face. He whispered, taunting the air, while spinning around in circles until he felt his thoughts leave his body. His mouth was dropped in sorrow. He wept as all atonement absconded his body. He was left there alone, nothing but a spec of flesh, invisible to the huge universe.It had all changed, it was so different a year ago. It used to be good then. He had a job, money, a share in a flat but now, he was bare. His pockets had escaped from the clanging of change. His back ached and his chest heaved as he coughed. His hands and feet stayed frozen even on the hottest days. He had been excluded from his life. He was unrefined to his freedom, his interior was stripped and exposed.His memories stung, shattered like broken bottle glass. Distorted daemons clung to his eyelashes, silently screaming every time he blinked. The worlds grip edged out of his hand each time he twitched a finger. His old fear struck eyes still shone to him through the twilight of the woods.All was calm now. The city moved before him in a muffled silence. Lights flickered and twinkled, windows glowed as car headlights beamed. Tom sat on the lip of the woods as the world spilled out beyond him, constantly moving, never still. His solitude was his protector. The one person to ever really understand now drifted as ashes in to the wind. Her love had returned to the ground, which once made her. It had all sprung from one moment, a single second which was rendered to leave Tom's smile unfixed.There was an escape, a perpetual void. The past was a paradise away now, half forgotten....

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