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Thousands of students are gifted who are looking for a better education to suit their learning needs. Magnet schools are the solution to this problem. Magnet schools are academically selective public schools which can teach students on a particular focus such as math and science, but can improve by providing students an enhanced learning experience by changing the modern-day classroom. Just by changing how the modern-day classroom runs, students can learn more efficiently and be more likely to behave and be more successful in life.
Magnet schools are public schools with specialized curriculums and classes. The "magnet" in magnet school refers to bringing students across the normal ...view middle of the document...

This school was an elementary school in Tacoma, Washington; it was called McCarver Elementary. The school stated to the public that students learn at their own pace. The first magnet school was referred to as an "alternative." In 1970, fMinneapolis, Michigan, did an "alternative" experiment ("A Brief History of Magnet Schools"). Minneapolis opened four elementary schools with different educational organizations. All four of them were successful because both teachers and students wanted to be there ("A Brief History of Magnet Schools"). After this experiment, districts all around the country started adding magnet schools and programs ("A Brief History of Magnet Schools"). Many studies have been done on magnet schools. Numerous studies indicate that magnet schools have a positive effect on students. Students enrolled in magnet schools have a higher graduation rate and more likely to graduate than students who attend regular high schools. They are also more likely to behave and have a more positive attitude than regular high school students. Magnet schools provide a safe social and academic environment to students. Gifted students in regular high schools focus more about being "cool" instead of academics. Their emotional state can also drop if they think they are too "nerdy" or "not cool enough."
Magnet schools are one of the most successful schools in America. The most successful types of magnet schools and programs in the nation are math and science, fine arts, and programs with a more general focus. The most successful magnet schools also tend to have fair amount of distance from other magnet schools. The School for the Talented and Gifted is the number one high school in America. This school is located in Texas and part of the Dallas Independent School District. The key to its success lies not in its students, but how they teach the students.
The classroom is important key for a better education. Not just the teaching in it, but the physical aspect. Studies have shown that students did better with their behavior in green colored rooms opposed to red rooms. Green and as well as blue have proven to be more “calming” colors. Having ergonomic furniture in classrooms helps students relax and feel...

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