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Magnet Status In Hospitals Essay

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For hospitals to reach their peak in the healthcare world they must work to achieve a prestigious credential by the American Nurse's Credentialing Center ( Truth about nursing). In order to receive such a credential, hospitals must fulfill a set of criteria that will take a lot of work and reform within the hospital itself. To receive magnet status hospitals have to express the fourteen forces of magnetism along with the strict list of requirements (Flores, 2007). Magnet status along with everything has its benefits along with its problems. This credential has been researched in depth, and some research feels that certain thing should be changed in order for magnet hospitals to be the best they can possible be. Lastly, there is no doubt that magnet status is of great value because of how it transforms hospitals from great to greater.
What is Magnet Status?
Magnet Status is a credential of organizational acknowledgment of nursing superiority((Nursing world). It is given to hospitals that have satisfied the requirements intended to determine the quality and strength of their nursing (Nursing World). The magnet status award is given to hospitals by the American Nurses' Credentialing Center, which is an associate of the American Nurses Association (The truth about nursing, 2012). This award was started in 1990 as a way to recognize hospitals that offer outstanding nursing care(Hopkins Medicine). Since 1990, out of all 7,569 hospitals in the united states, only 258 of those hospitals have received the honor of magnet status (Hopkins Medicine). Magnet status does not come easy, so hospitals must work very hard in order to meet the strict requirements (Hawke, 2003). Magnet status is a

credential that can only be given to hospitals who meet the strict requirements and criteria.
What are the requirements?
In order to gain magnet status, hospitals have to fulfill a set of requirements. Hospitals must work together with local institutions and work with nursing faculty in order to assist with promoting and leading research (Gaguski, 2006). The hospitals must develop internships for staff nurses that are evidence based, and they must develop research skills in staff nurses (Gaguski, 2006). Hosting journal clubs is also one of the requirements hospitals must fulfill (Gaguski, 2006). Hospitals must also host research seminars, academic courses, and annual research conferences(Gaguski, 2006). In order to meet the criteria, hospitals have to find mentor opportunities for the advanced practice nurses along with all of the faculty nurses (Gaguski, 2006). Developing research committees and presenting nursing research at medical staff meetings is a main criteria hospitals must complete in order to be give the credential as a magnet hospital (Gaguski, 2006).
Also, to attain magnet status hospitals must follow a set of steps. They must first perform a gap analysis to prove that each of the fourteen forces of magnetism are present within the...

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