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Magnetic Fuel Essay

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The future is thought to be a world full of the impossible. Flying cars and skateboards overwhelm the skies while immortal robots and machines dominate below. However, some scientists and skeptics deem this impossible while others have no clue where to start. People have tried the skies and seas for fuel and energy, but they never payed attention to an object they have been playing with since their childhood: Magnets. Magnets have mysterious properties that can be harnessed into a highly efficient source of energy; it can refurbish the efficiency of mechanical objects and revolutionize transportation. With the help from magnets, the fantasy of tomorrow can become the reality of today.
The fantasy begins with perpetual motion. Perpetual motion is the ability to be in motion endlessly without any energy to start it (Grimes 1). In a similar manner, magnets can be aligned and oriented in a way so that their magnetic fields produce this perceptual effect. In a vacuum system, two magnets can be spinning endlessly against each other without any start since their magnetic fields attract and repel each other to create motion. However, the last part seems erroneous; how can something start moving without a “push” or “pull”? It violates the laws of thermodynamics which state that energy can be converted, not created or destroyed! Of course, true perpetual motion cannot be achieved, but reaching 80%-90% is not impossible. The magnets can be started with some jolt of energy and as a reward, it can provide efficient non-resistant kinetic motion lasting up to 30 years! The kinetic energy can then be converted into electrical energy to fuel cars, planes, factories, etc (Welch 1). Using kinetic energy and magnetic fields that control the motion of electrons a long lasting and dynamic source of green energy can be created. Perpetual motion run by magnets can sprout new ideas and innovations anywhere that can change the life humans live.
Along with perpetual motion, superconductivity can revolutionize mechanical objects. Some magnets have the ability to levitate off the ground due to superconductivity. At cold temperatures, superconductors will circulate currents which will exclude magnetic fields from its interior thus producing the Meissner effect (“The Meissner Effect” 1). This effect allows superconductors to experience zero resistance and levitate off the ground (“The Meissner Effect” 1). If the levitating superconductor was pushed around a circular magnetic track, it would flawlessly go in...

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