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As a future nurse practitioner, I have given immense thought in the selection of a clinical practice based on the primary care setting that utilizes the collaboration model. I have selected this type of clinical practice because it best suits my professional and personal goals. I value autonomy while having the ability to work within a healthcare team and enjoying teach my patients. Nurse practitioners (NP) are a valuable part of the healthcare team. In 1960s, from a vision to improve primary healthcare to under-serviced communities the development of the first NP program developed out of need as a public service and focused on the care of pediatrics and since then the care of other specific populations such as families, adults, geriatrics, and women health has emerged (Anderson & O’Grady, 2009, p. 380).
The first step of deciding what practice setting and clinical model that I would prefer. I did research and decided that a primary care provider fit my career goals. A primary care nurse practitioner is defined as a nurse that works in a practice setting the has "the provision of integrated, accessible health care services by clinicians who are accountable for addressing a large majority of personal health needs, developing a sustained partnerships with patients, and practicing in the context of family and community" (Anderson & O’Grady, 2009, p. 383). I believe my past and future education along with my years of clinical experiences has prepared me to take a novice role as a NP in this care setting. When I graduate and I am working in a clinical practice setting I look forward to continue my education through my practice by formal and informal training. I planned to continue utilizing a constructivist theoretical framework to bridge my practice with my educational experiences through evidence base practice (EBP) along with a mentor. The constructivist approach helps to bridges the theory of practice with clinical experiences along with EBP and will facilitate meaningful learning (Levin, 2010).
The primary care nurse practitioner working in a clinical practice stems from my days working in the emergency department and interaction with physicians and patients. Although, I have fifteen years experience in a critical care an acute care setting my most enjoyment moments is working with physicians and other healthcare team members to deciding the best treatment plan for a patient. As a NP working in a clinical setting I can utilize past experiences while applying new knowledge. I credit my preparation to assume this role from my years of clinical experiences and my quest to push to learn more. "Acquisition of a technical skill arises through repetition, but with ongoing learning the capacity to discover and to deduce from experience is higher order activity" (Gardner, Hase, Gardner, Dunn, & Carryer, 2007, p. 253). Even my 10 years in the military have prepared me to assume a role as advance practice nurse in a clinical setting....

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