Main Points Of An Essay By An Author Regarding Racism In The South

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The essays of the authors in this book focus on the different views of racial segregation in the south. There are many different dimensions of racial discrimination brought to the light by these well-educated authors. This book shows the perspective of segregation of blacks and whites in the south. Over all this book of essays assess the costs of segregation’s impact on the entire nation.

The author of this book, a civil rights historian, recounts the pilgrimage of black teachers in the south. This book gives a comprehensive understanding of how blacks and whites exist side-by-side after slavery is abolished. The author gives a detailed and historic view of the journey of black teachers ...view middle of the document...

The author writes this work in the form of a legal brief addressed to the court of public opinion. The author argues the inferiority of African Americans based on statistics. He argues that given the same opportunities blacks would still lag behind whites. The author compares white and black crime rates in 2,446 major cities in an attempt to prove that blacks were responsible for most of the crime.

This article details how difficult integration becomes after the ruling of Brown v. Board of Education. Governor Oval Faubus professed it was a states right to maintain segregation. Faubus blocked the entrance of the school with police and National Guard members threatening violence on any attempt to integrate schools. This gives rise to an opposition of southern states whose intuition is to veto the passing of the integration bill. After an intense standoff, they soon realize that they could not stop the passing of the bill.

The author uses first person accounts to detail how the Civil Rights Act was made into a law. The accounts used are crucial for the...

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