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Mainstream Horror Story Essay

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The sun was climbing up into the sky as a group of cars arrived at Braunfel Highschool, home of the Unicorns. Out popped Beau, Missy, Cal, and Viola: they flew to each other like bee’s to honey. Beau sought Missy’s attention, yet she turned to Cal her eyes looking at the outline his glasses made on his superlative face. But Cal stood entranced by Viola, her guitar case hanging in her delicate hands, Viola on the other hand nearly drooled over seeing Beau Hot damn, Beau looks good today. They stood there staring at each other as Style walked up.
“Love is too mainstream for me.” Style griped
The four lovers broke their gaze when the nearest school doors swung open with a resounding boom ...view middle of the document...

“What’s the square root of Pi?” Cal demanded.
“I like apple.” Missy deliriously moaned, her eyes rolling around at the ceiling and arms moving spastically.
“Ya’ll, she’s obviously freakin’ useless right now. Can we just try opening these doors?” Viola demanded. “Besides who cares bout’ her? She just wrecked my guitar.”
The screeching voice re-entered the conversation. “The doors are locked, little children, and there is no cell service on school grounds.”
“So there’s no way out, and our phones don’t work.” Cal muttered out loud.
“Shouldn’t we at least check to see if our phones have service? Or if the doors are all actually closed?” Viola demanded. “Why should we trust a stupid voice? We don’t even know who it is!”
Viola thrust her hand onto the door, immediately yelping and jumping away from it. “That’s why you trust stupid voices” Cal mocked.
“Beau check your phone.” Viola hissed.
“Who here is considered the smartest person at school? Who is known as Cal, the Calculator? I think I should decide on what we do as a group, let’s split up and figure out what’s going on.”
“I don’t do groups.” Style mumbled, leaning against a locker. “Groups are too mainstream.”
“Fine. I’ll go with Viola to the east wing, Beau you stay here with Missy and make sure she stays safe. Ready team? Break!” Cal shouted.
Cal and Viola rushed off towards the East Wing.
Style chuckled as he heard Viola lecturing Cal on how his idea was the stupidest thing ever. “This evil guy over the loudspeaker is too mainstream.” Style commented to Beau, before sauntering...

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