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Mainstreaming Children In The Classroom Essay

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Mainstreaming Children in the Classroom

The idea of mainstreaming children is an incredible idea. By integrating classes, it requires changes in organizational management. For children to be mainstreamed it takes great devotion from directors, teachers and families. It is important to understand that the mainstreaming of children with disabilities should not be implemented according to a certain standard model. This process is an individual one (Daniels, E & Stafford, K. 2001). Mainstreaming of children is based on the belief that education of every child should be individual. This states that every child has their own individual right to go to a normal school if that’s what they would like.

Advantages for Mainstreaming Children

Many people believe that disabled children should be mainstreamed in normal educational environments. Mainstreaming students with disabilities has many advantages. One main advantage is simply forming relationships with different types of children. They can adapt to "playing" with normal children and the normal children can adapt to the disabled. Starting the children off early by mainstreaming, both the normal and the disabled children can learn that there are other worlds out there other than their own. This can be a huge step in today’s society. By forming relationships with people that are different than you, the children will learn that there is nothing wrong with doing so and they will grow up making friends that are different from them. This will teach the children that even though they have differences, they are both still kids that like to have fun and be educated.

Mainstreamed children also find that even though they learn differently, they may have the same hobbies and common interests as the other children. The disabled children can benefit from normal community activities (Tipton, D. 2002). They can find out what they are interested in, whether it is playing sports, dancing, cooking, cleaning etc. They can be involved in activities with their friends which may make them feel comfortable and better about themselves. By mainstreaming children not only in the educational fields but in the social fields as well, it will really help both groups understand more about each other. Mainstreaming children may be a huge benefit for both a disabled child and a normal child.

According to Kira Pirofski, a lady who wrote a book called Strategies for Fostering Able-Bodied Children Acceptance of Disabled Peers, mainstreaming children is a good idea to consider. Verbalizing problem solving skills as a group can show the similarities and differences in their detective styles. Letting able bodied children start working with disabled children at a young age, will make the able bodied children aware that people do have problems in the world, but that doesn't make them any different from us. They will be able to form relationships with the disabled and not learn to treat them differently.

Many people feel that...

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