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Ambition derives from passion. One develops this when determination and success are prevalent among their ideals. All individuals possess ambition in some form. For the characters in the Arthurian Legends, this occurs when each must prove themselves as knights. In each story, the protagonist battles conflict in order to achieve goals commonly relating to leadership and success. Furthermore, the audience observes how each character’s personality will influence the outcome of their ambition. Depending on the way in which they portray themselves, different reactions occur. Sir Thomas Malory and T.H. White demonstrate romantic hero personality traits in order to show that those using ...view middle of the document...

H. White. Focusing more precisely on Arthur’s ideas, the story follows his journey as king and the conflicts he faces along the way. The character utilizes his intellectual style to strive in wars, but he often encounters himself brooding at the result of his decisions. This scenario is predominant when discussing ways to get citizens under his rule. Sir Arthur shares ideas of might, and how it is always present in people. Despite this, that power is not necessarily right. Sir Arthur models leadership and logical ability when stating the need for people’s incentives to also be lawful and considerate (White 761). Sir Arthur’s aspirations are hopeful, but are conceived negatively by others. Thus, his ambitions are meaningless. Though Arthur seeks the best for the people, others still question his abilities. Arthur does not succeed in this manner, and he is left contemplating his current position.
One final character who establishes ambition in their personality is Sir Launcelot in the legend Sir Launcelot du Lake by Sir Thomas Malory. Here, the protagonist goes on a quest to seek adventure. He is smart in the decisions he makes and attests well to his skills. After escaping his captivity, Sir Launcelot returns to help King Bagdemagus, father to his savior, compete with several enemies. He acts effortlessly and inevitably triumphs while doing so (Malory, Sir Launcelot du Lake 1075). Reactions of the other characters express a likeability of Sir Launcelot. He demonstrates rational, intelligence, and quick-thinking abilities whenever completing objectives. ...

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