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Keeping Pests Out Of Your Home In Winter

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The brisk weather of fall and winter is approaching, and it's time for everyone to prepare for the harsh months ahead. Humans aren't the only ones who prepare for the cold wind and snow. Animals also prepare food and warm shelter to survive through fall and winter. However, there are animals that decide to take shelter in your house during fall and winter to take advantage of the warmth and strong protection from the elements. While it may be paradise for them, it can be a nightmare for the homeowner. To keep pests out of your home this winter, follow these helpful tips.


Snakes are not very fond of the cold. They prefer warm and cozy areas to curl up in. That is why snakes are a common pest found in homes during fall and winter. While not all snakes are venomous or constrictors, they're still not a welcome guest in your home.

To keep snakes away, do a thorough check on the outside of your home for any holes or cracks that a snake could slither through. This includes ventilation ducts, utility pipes and dryer vents. Remember, snakes can be incredibly small and they're all very flexible. Even a tiny hole could be big enough for a snake to get through. It's also a good idea to check higher up on the walls in case there are any access points such as trees or poles near the wall.

You can also put down some snake repellent around the perimeter of your house right before or during fall to keep snakes away.


Similarly to snakes, rats make their way into houses through small openings in the house. However, rats can be even more flexible than snakes and they're better climbers. They can make their way into openings as small as a penny. You'll need to be even more vigilant in finding access points when trying to keep rats out.

One of the main issues with rats is...

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